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The Calendar Boys - Jamie Craig





When footballer Tre Griffin stops off in the hotel bar after his flight is delayed, the last thing he expects to find is instant attraction with a fellow hotel guest. Not only is the attraction reciprocated by the bespectacled teacher he meets, but he doesn’t seem to know who Tre is. After the last few weeks that he’s had, that is definitely a plus.

Michael Pappas decides to lock himself away to get through a round of exam papers in a quiet surrounding. He is also hiding from parents who are desperate for grand kids. When he meets a fellow hotel guest at the bar who seems interested, he wastes no time in playing ball.

This is the first in the Calendar Boy’s series, and what a start! January is definitely the month for Tre and Michael. Both are at the hotel hiding from family obligations for different reasons, but open enough to the possibility that anything can happen - usually when you least expect it.

Tre is leery of picking up strangers.  As a high profile footballer, the risk doesn’t seem worth losing his career over. Meanwhile Michael is under the impression that his geeky looks are not attractive enough for the right guy.

Michael shows great strength in introducing Tre to his family with all the pressure they have placed on him, while Tre takes a chance to be introduced to a football mad family, not knowing what will happen when they figure out that he is Michael’s date and not jut a friend.

January has just gotten better with Jamie Craig’s CALENDAR BOYS - JANUARY: MIAMI'S PERFECT WEEKEND.



Erik Haden has been patiently tracking Travis for a few weeks. All he wants is one night with him. He is fascinated by the tattooed pet he carries around with him, and he has every intention of getting to know him better. He has honed his skill to perfection and uses every trick he has in the book to get Travis to invite him home. And being a vampire, he’s got lot of trick.

For instance, did Travis realize that not only had Erik come to collect what is his, but he may get more than he’s bargaining for out of the trade, as his pet his also flexing his fangs?
Paranormal fans, welcome to a story that has so many twists and turns you will not be able to put this one down until it's done.

Erik has searched for his other half, and when he finds him, he goes after him with every fiber of his being. Joel has been drugged, leashed, and subdued; however, he has never given up on the faith that his mate will find him.

All three protagonists in CALENDAR BOYS - FEBRUARY: MINE make the complete package. They are strong and determined, but also know when to submit and beg for what they want.

February has brought out the hunters, and they have captured their prey. MINE, Jamie Craig's second book in the Calendar Boys series, is a great read.






Alejandro Marroquin, current darling of the gay porn scene, knows he looks good, and does what he does because it’s a job and it pays the bills. He is very choosy about the guys he dates as he is also a realist and knows that guys are drawn to him because of who he is. He makes a move on Mal at the first available opportunity, but takes it slow as he wants more from this freelancer than one night in front of the lens.

Can these two people find middle ground, when one is the stuff of dreams before the camera and the other a master of his craft behind it?

Jamie Craig brings freshness to an industry that is not without its complications and issues. Alejandro's job is definitely not conducive to a relationship.  However we are treated to the person behind the porn star, and he is funny, loyal and fiercely jealous of whom and what he considers his.

Mal has his own confidence issues to deal with, but is prepared to compromise and take it one day at a time in order to make the relationship work.

March madness has hit, and it doesn't get much better than CALENDAR BOYS - MARCH: KISS ME. This is a fantastic third book in Jamie Craig’s Calendar Boys Series. Alejandro and Mal are the stuff of dreams, whether in front of or behind the camera.


Jay Archer has one job to do today – get a tourist off the mountain before the storm lets loose. In the last cabin on the  mountain, Jay finds a tourist who not only refuses to leave, but who also seems to know more about the weather than he does. When the storm breaks faster than anticipated and he has to literally seek shelter in the cabin, Jay quickly realizes that there’s more than one storm about to break.

After a bottle of wine and high emotion, Nick and Jay move one step closer to finding that one special person. But can they let bygones be bygones and ride out the storm that’s rolling both inside and out?

April, the temporal month, finds Nick, a weatherman trying to make the best of a bad situation with his personal life, when he is dumped and Jay, the strong silent type, trying to help him hold it together. Both men are caught up in an unexpected situation, and while trying to maintain some dignity they find out that the storm just might be the best thing that could have happened to them.

Jamie Craig has renewed my faith in the fact that when one door is closed, the next one that opens just might be the answer to your heartfelt desire. CALENDAR BOYS - APRIL: OUT OF THE STORM is a wonderful story.




Anton Rocha, a carpenter working on a construction site and engaged to Miguel sister, Petra, is hiding a secret and not the fact that he is secretly in love with his fiancés brother’s boyfriend. When he gets the chance to spend some time with Mason, he finds himself unable to resist him, even with him knowing his secret.

MAY: CORAZON in the CALENDAR BOY’s Series could not be more aptly named. Anton wants to do the right and honourable thing, not only for his sake but because of promises made. He will make any sacrifice, even letting the man of his heart go, in order to do the right thing.

While Mason has no choice but to accept Anton’s reason for going through with a wedding to someone he doesn’t love, he hopes for a different parting between them. When he has a chance to think, he knows that he will accept nothing less than everything from Anton.

When you can’t have your heart’s desire, it makes a difference as Anton quickly realizes. He goes about making changes to his life in order to give his heart what it wants – it’s Corazon.




It’s been four long years of study for Andrew Parish; it has also been four years of lusting after one of his Political Science lecturers. On the eve of his graduation, he decides to take matters into his own hands. With his most treasured possession in hand – the home address of Levi McCrea - he sets off on the journey of a lifetime.

Dr. Levi McCrea lives a quiet life and he wants it to stay that way. He doesn’t bring his work home and he certainly does not invite students home either. It wasn’t a complete surprise, however, when the most argumentative of students turns up on his porch the night before graduation. For the past four years Levi has had academia to use as an excuse not to go after the young man. However, with it being the last day of school, what excuses can he or will he come up with to distance himself this time?

Jaime Craig’s CALENDAR BOYS - JUNE: COMMENCEMENT is a story of beginning for both Andrew and Levi. Andrew has fantasized and planned for the day when he could get around Levi’s rule of no fraternizing with students. Now, when the day has arrived, he finds it a little less – and a lot more – than he thought it would be.

The start of the relationship is fraught with issues of trust, life changes and acceptance. COMMENCEMENT is a great read that will have you rooting for the survival of their relationship, as you genuinely cannot imagine Andrew and Levi with anyone else.




Alain Tiessart has been married to his business for the better part of the last ten years. He makes a spur of the moment decision to visit his best friend when he realises that without his business, he has nothing worthwhile in his life, other than his friendship with Simon.

When Alain throws out a bet, Simon feels he is experienced enough to win anything thrown at him. But can he trust in Alain’s sense of fair play, or will he figure out in time that Alain will use everything and anyone to get what he wants?

The summer is upon us, and it’s hotter than ever with VINTAGE. Alain and Simon are two men who have seen and done more in their lives than most people dream of. When Alain decides to make a play for his best friend Simon, it is enjoyable to see the lengths he will go to and the things he will do in order to hold Simon in his arms.

Simon is more pragmatic and clearly states the reason why he has to consider all that he will lose as opposed to what he will gain if their relationship progresses further than friendship. While his reasons are all logical and in some ways selfish, it is a sense of relief when Simon not only makes the first step to a more intimate relationship, but also starts making demands.

Jamie Craig’s CALENDAR BOYS - JULY: VINTAGE is a tale of men who have lived full lives, made mistakes and regrets aplenty, but have the capacity to embrace companionship and love again.




Xander, best friend of Aaron’s older brother Eddie, left small town Cedar City for New York as soon as he possibly could after leaving school. All he remembered of Eddie’s kid brother was a scrawny little kid who tagged along behind them wherever they went. Ten years later, when Aaron runs into the firehouse shower room to let them know the heavens had opened up, the man that gives him the news is no longer little or scrawny.

Aaron has never left Cedar City, and while he is not living the life he would have liked, he makes the best of his situation. He has family, friends, a job and his second love, firefighting. When his first love, Xander, not only returns, but confesses to being attracted to him, he quickly accepts whatever he can get of the little time that he has left in Cedar City. 

Things progress better than either anticipates, but the road to true love is never smooth, and the fly in the ointment comes in the shape of Aaron’s brother and Xander’s ex-best friend.

CALENDAR BOYS - AUGUST: SCORCHED is as hot as August is, and from the beginning of this book the sexual tension holds you and never lets you go.

This is a beautifully penned story that deals with small town living and its prejudices. Both Xander and Aaron know that determination and sacrifices are needed in abundance in order to make the relationship work; not only do they have irate family members to deal with, but they also know they cannot continue to live in small town Cedar City.

Jamie Craig has once again given us two men who find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but not before the long lonely journey of getting there.



Bryce lives a few blocks away from Charlie and has been a friend and a rock to Charlie through the most traumatic stage of his life – his divorce. One evening after a neighbourhood barbeque, Charlie tells him that the reason for his divorce was because he is gay. Like a true friend, Bryce offers to help Charlie in anyway he can to make the transition as smooth and as enjoyable as possible.

Charlie’s assumption about his looks, and his general conceptions about the gay lifestyle are quickly put to right when Bryce tells him he is the sexiest man that he knows and would have gone after him if he was not his best friend in the neighbourhood. While Charlie becomes very excited and throws himself into making the right first impressions for a first date, Bryce suddenly realizes that he wants more that just to be Charlie’s best friend.

Jamie Craig’s September offering to the CALENDAR BOYS SERIES: A SIMPLE TRUTH, is a feel good story of best friends who are desperately scared of ruining their friendship by acknowledging the feelings that they have for each other.

The emotions are real, and the love scenes are gentle and unassuming. There is a lot to be said for being friends before being lovers. Charlie and Bryce have seen each other at their best and at their worst; they have been true friends to each other. However when unexpected feelings threaten what they hold dearest – their friendship - they seem not to know how to deal with it.

Being the true friends that they are to each other, they quickly realize that with each other they can have the best of both worlds. 




After a year together, football superstar Tre Griffin and English teacher Michael Pappas are no closer to finding any decent amount of time to spend together. The one positive thing about the year is that Michael now understands enough about football to know what Tre’s stats are – which in itself is cause for concern from his dad who has known him as never having any interest in sports.

When his dad confronts him about his relationship with Tre over the Christmas holidays, he admits the relationship. However, not comfortable with how his other parent will react to the information they both tread lightly on how to approach the matter.

Caught up in the festivities of the season and missing Tre, Michael is very surprise and excited, when Santa not only gives him his Christmas wish, but also a little extra in his stocking.

After a year of the CALENDAR BOYS SERIES, The duo that is Jamie Craig revisits the first couple to start the series off, Tre and Michael – which is most fitting. Both men have managed to find time to be together during the past year, even if it’s not the amount of time they wanted. Another big factor for them and forcing them to minimize their time together is that they are most definitely in the closet about their sexuality from both sets of family and most importantly Tre’s career is not the most forgiving to their lifestyle.

When Michael is asked directly by his father if Tre is more than just a friend to him – he cautiously admits to the relationship – but not everything is smooth sailing as he has another parent to tell.

An enjoyable feel good read of wishing for the one thing you want more than anything else and end up getting more than you bargained for. CALENDAR BOYS – DECEMBER - FIRST AND ALWAYS is a beautiful read to end the year.


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