Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bodyguards: Loving the Boss: Torro Cruz



When action star Drake Swayze picked up the package containing the short list for the position of his bodyguard, he was not only surprised but very pleased to see a face from his past. Surprised as he never thought to see Casius again and pleased as he now has the chance to make right a wrong that is over a decade overdue.

Sitting down to a meal, contemplating his next move on the job market, Casius Jenz circles the want ads while summing up his life and wondering why he is still alive when men from his unit, who had people who loved and cared about them are dead. When a face he never thought he would see again appears out of nowhere to not only offer him a job, but to apologize as well for a wrong done years earlier - he’s very surprised.

Not willing to accept either, Casius walks away – but seeing Drake again after all these years has him wondering how long can he hold out against the love of his life?



Torro Cruz’s LOVING THE BOSS is a fast pace novella of hurt, opportunity gained and lost and the sweetest pleasure of making the hurt right. 

Heated words and the naivety of youth forced apart Drake Swayze and Casius Jenz. Now they both now have the chance to help each other out professionally. This also leaves the door open for Drake to make things right with the one man who is his world.

Torro Cruz, a new to me author, delves right into the gay contemporary market right at the deep end. His two protagonists Drake and Casius are not only likeable, they are also believable. With mistakes made and regrets aplenty, they are still able to open their hearts and find the courage to forgive.


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