Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Be With Me - Maya Banks

When Hutch, Cam and Sawyer met in their teenage years, they not only had the usual teenage bust up, but also the added pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with the girl of their dreams.

These three men have always known what they want and they all want the same thing – Regina Fallon. Getting her however has turned out to be the biggest challenge they have ever faced.

Regina Fallon, the poor little rich girl from the right side of the tracks – has run away from home and the three men who have always been apart of her life. Never taking the time to explain why she hightails it across the border, she makes a new life without them.

When danger lurks in the background of Regina life, they all come together to protect each. This however may be the thing that brings them together or tears them apart.

I have had this book for a while pushing around on my to TBR pile, and I pick it up the other day and to be honest I never really got into it. A huge fan of Ms. Banks works I just could not relate to this book.

Cam, Hutch and Sawyer have grown up together, gone through the usual teenage angst and fisticuff and the loves and lost that we all went through growing up, however in their adult years the one thing they are firm on, is their love for Regina – the girl who has become more to them than anyone even suspects.

Regina on the other hand, knows what she wants but thinking of how society with perceive a relationship of four – she runs away. She has however never resolved the feeling she has for these three men to herself, as at the back of her mind there is the yearning to have her cake and eat it too.

When danger follows Regina and looks more than what it is at face value, the four bond in a way they have never bonded before. However sometimes the more we talk the less is said and Regina may need more than they all have to give.

If you like Maya Banks works, you will slog through this one, however new fans – this will be slow reading as the pace drags a bit and the characters are not as well developed as we are used to from Ms. Banks. On a positive note however Ms. Banks does know how to build a suspense and with the twist and turns coming fast and thick it was a definite surprise when the who done it came to light, the love scene are not only hot they are as creative as Ms. Banks as ever gotten - burning the sheet hot.

All in all, no regret in reading this one – BE WITH ME is a good addition to the library of any fan of Ms. Banks.

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