Thursday, 15 January 2009

Back to Black Point: A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly

Matt is depressed and angry after the love of his life, Thomas Carter goes home and he does not hear a word from him. On a suggestion from his brother, he takes up the challenge of going to find his man – and what a surprise he gets. Also in residence with Thomas is none other than – Christian – the man who tried to break up his brother’s marriage.



Thomas is surprised when Matt turns up at his home in Montreal, Gay Village. Trying to deal with all the things he’s just been told about the man he loves and then to have him turn up on his doorstep has left him in a very uncomfortable situation.

Both men tries to make the best of the situation and pick up where they left off; but to top all of this turmoil off, they are caught in the middle of Matt’s twin brother Ryan’s up and down drama of a marriage with Cole, his best friend.

Thomas is new to the cyclone that is Matt’s life and tries to enjoy all the new experiences he’s having with Matt, some he welcomes and some he’s just not prepared for. Thomas has to decide if Matt is worth it after he’s heard and seen it all – but he’s worried that he might not have seen and heard it all.

Messer’s Llewellyn and Manly have started my year off just nicely with BACK TO BLACK POINT. We are thrown headlong into the love, loss and family confusion that is Thomas and Matt’s life.



Matt Lucas is angry and depressed after not hearing from the love of his life after a few days back home, with more bravado than actual sense he rushes off to sort out the rift between the two.

However he finds his man in residence with the last person he expects to find there, he step in with his usual straight forward style and claims his man. Although things are not settle, between the two they have comes to some clear decisions. This does not include the mystery surrounding Matt and his past relationships and we wait with baited breath for the next instalment.

BACK TO BLACK POINT is a brilliant read and a wonderful follow up to BLACK POINT. The styles of both men are quite distinct in this novel and they work well together. The book has a well thought out plot and the authors’ have delved into the dynamics of a relationship that we have clearly not seen the end of. The secondary characters have their own story that just keep getting better and better, and of course there is baby Daphne – she’s a treat and just like her uncle she knows exactly what she wants.

Fans of the Messer’s Llewellyn and Manly, you will most certainly enjoy BACK TO BLACK POINT. Be warned however, this is not a stand alone book – BLACK POINT must be read first.




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