Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Awakening Desires - Jackson's Jewel: N.J. Walters

Jackson Connors: Eldest son to a father who wanted nothing to do with his three kids, or the farm that has been in their family for generations. After his sister and brother marry and move out, he now lives alone on the ranch.  The last thing he needs to ruin his day, on top of all his other worries, is a live-in housekeeper.

Emerald Jewel: Daughter of sixties hippy parents, has lived through the limelight and tight security that comes with her famous parents’ lifestyle. She and her two sisters have carved out a lucrative business for themselves despite all the people who want something from them. When she is targeted by a stalker, she runs; not only to protect herself, but also to keep her sisters out of harms way. She accepts the job as Jackson’s housekeeper on impulse to get away from her pursuer, but did she just drop herself into another situation that she has no control over? 

Meadow, a small town, has seen the three Connor kids through the best and the worst of times. When Jewel enters Jackson’s life and things get a bit hairy for a time, the town rallies and does what every small town does – support their own.

Jewel and Jackson are dynamite together, and from the moment their eyes meet and their hands touch, the electric tension consumes you.



Ms. Walters has outdone herself with the love scenes in JACKSON’S JEWEL; they are hot, liberal and literally explode over the pages.

We have followed Jackson through a lot of personal growth and watched him shoulder more than his fair share of burden. For lovers of the Awakening Desires Series, Ms. Walters has done right by Jackson; he has found the perfect match in Emerald.

JACKSON’S JEWEL is best read as a part of the AWAKENING DESIRES series.




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