Saturday, 24 January 2009

At Long Last: Shawn Lane

Preston Reynolds is confused by the emotions he feels for his best friend’s brother - Scott. Six years ago when he had first met him – he chalked the attraction up to being tied up with his friendship with his brother. He’s straight and never been interested in the same sex – he is also shaken by how little control he has when it comes to his attraction for the firm’s new accountant.

Scott Trask is home and is in the employ of the family business, which puts him not only in contact with the man he has dreamt about for more years than he can remember, but also literally next door to the man himself – which may be more than he can handle.

Deciding to give the attraction room to lead them where it will, both men enjoy each others company to almost the exclusion of all else. The only fly in the ointment for Scott is Preston’s suggestion to keep their relationship a secret. However, things don’t go as planned and before long – secrets have a way of not being secrets anymore and some hard choice have to be made, but who will come out the winner in this?

Scott Preston has more or less just settled into a routine with his life. While not what he wants, he gets by with his work and makes the best of whatever life throws at him. He gets a curve ball however when an insane attraction raises its head between Scott, his best friend’s brother, and himself. Not knowing what to do, he does the unthinkable and ends up causing more harm than even he had imagined he was capable of.

While the plot is not the most original, Shawn Lane has brought a dynamic level of emotional tension between the protagonists. The ebb and flow of the relationship that they are trying to maintain is one we can all relate to, and more than anything else, we all want it to succeed. AT LONG LAST is a truly brilliant read.




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