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This week guest blogger is no stranger to blogging, as just recently she has achieved her 400 post on her blog. I found Alessandra's place - Out of the Blue when she reviewed  Matters of Faith by Kristy Kiernan, not only was it a hard read for me, but i wanted another persons opinion on the book - she loved the book and ended recommending the book - I have to admit even after reading it twice - it's still was a hard read for me.

However once i went Out Of The Blue - there was no return. She has since delved into some new to me authors, books with some hard plot to digest - but all in all she has a style that's all her own - which really keeps you coming back for more. Not only does Alessandra find time to read, review and get through her day, but she operates two blogs; along with Out Of The Blue she also manages Una Pioggia Di Libri - It's Raining book, the Italian book/review blog she operates.

Since following her blog, she has been awarded numerous blogging awards from her friend and colleagues - and they are well disserved.  Without giving much of the interview away - she has also gotten involved with numerous reading challenges for this year, and one area that i will be forever grateful to her for, is her introduction to the Weekly Geek Challenge. I was not  fortunate enough to have been blogging at the time that Dewey was with us - but I am very impressed with the legacy she has left behind.

Without further ado - Please join me in welcoming Alessandra - Out of The Blue.


Hello everyone, my name's Alessandra and I'm a twenty-something book blogger from Italy. I blog in English even though it's not my first language because I read a lot in English and love it. Also, I get to connect with people from all over the world, which is an added bonus!

Why I blog

I started my blog during the spring of 2007 as an assignment for my EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course during my last semester at university. In our blogs, we had to reflect on our language learning experiences and focus on informal learning as an on-going process that would accompany us throughout our whole lives. It was so much fun that I decided to go on blogging even after  graduation.

In the spring of 2008 I stumbled upon the book blogosphere and got hooked - thus, the focus of my blog shifted from language learning to book reviews and book-related posts. Blogging is my main hobby after reading - I read books, blog about them, and read other people's book blogs so I can find more books to read. At the beginning, I wrote reviews for myself, in order to keep track of my reading. Now I'm trying to write for an audience, so that people coming to my blog might get an idea of the book and decide if they want to try it for themselves.

The genres I review
In my blog I review fiction. I almost never read non-fiction, so it's safe to say that you won't find many non-fiction reviews in my blog. Apart from that, I'm not specialized in a particular genre. Before joining the book blogosphere I used to read lots of romance novels and chick-lit; I'm a sucker for a good romance. Now I take pleasure in discovering new authors and broadening my horizons: I enjoy general fiction, historical fiction, and YA literature. I try to keep my blog well-balanced by reviewing titles from different genres.

What makes a good review

In my opinion, a good review gives people an idea of the book. I like reading long, in-depth reviews, but only after I've already read the book - otherwise I'm afraid there will be too many spoilers! I try to keep my reviews short and sweet - I deal with the main plot points, and then with the most peculiar features of the book. I usually keep away from big spoilers, or at least I stress it when there are spoilers in my review.

The best thing about blogging

I think that the best thing about blogging is connecting with other people with the same interests. Even though my blog is not very well known, being a part of the book blogging community and having people comment on your blog is a fantastic experience. I got so much out of the book blogging community.

My dream blog experiences

I love the Weekly Geeks community. It was started by the late Dewey of The Hidden Side of a Leaf (probably the most well-known book blogger and an amazing person) as a way for book bloggers to connect and create a community. After Dewey's passing a group of bloggers has taken up the event and now the Weekly Geeks are back!

Another blog experience I particularly like is submitting my book-related posts to blog carnivals. I currently submit posts  to three blog carnivals: Just Write (a blog carnival hosted every Friday at Incurable Disease of Writing for writing professionals); the Bookworms Carnival(a themed book-related blog carnival taking place twice a month); and the Book Review Blog Carnival (a blog carnival happening every two weeks and featuring a number of book reviews of different genres).

My plans for 2009


I have big plans for 2009. I will be hosting an edition of the Bookworms Carnival in July (the theme will be Books in Translation) and plan to have a related book giveaway. I hope to be able to continue with the Weekly Geeks and my other book-related activities. Together with Eva of A Striped Armchair, I'm now hosting a weekly meme called Library Loot - for participants to share with their readers the books they are picking up at the library. I hope you will follow me as we have fun with our book blogs.







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Beth F on 26 January 2009 at 18:18 said...

I too have been a fan of Alessandra's blog! Great post.

Erotic Horizon on 26 January 2009 at 18:49 said...

Thank you Beth,

I am really blessed to have met her.


Erotic Horizon on 27 January 2009 at 11:03 said...

A big thank you to Alessandra for taking the time out for this, interview.

Not only has she given me a whole list of book for my TBR list, but i am looking forward to all the new reads she take on this year.

Thank you


Anna on 28 January 2009 at 21:01 said...

Thanks for this awesome post. I love Alessandra's blog!

Diary of an Eccentric

Erotic Horizon on 28 January 2009 at 21:19 said...

You are welcome,

big fan of her's myself.