Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Absolute Trust: Kaenar Langford

Micah, the “old man” bounty hunter onboard the Renegade has been walking a fine line between lust and duty for the  past few weeks. Ever since the newest female bounty hunter signed up - that is. Layla is everything his fantasy could have conjured up his perfect woman to be, except for the fact that she was too young for him.

Layla seeing no other way but to take matters into her own hands, in order to get a chance with Micah, sets about on a plan of seduction which leads to an intense and unforgettable night of passion. Layla has accepted what Micah is to her, but worried that he is too old for her, Micah ignores the mental link between them.

When Micah is sent on assignment, to not only ascertain Prince Denyan safety, but to also ensure he stays safe, faith and unexpected circumstances conspire to let him not only find his other mate, but also put him in a position of having to sacrifice the safety of one of his mates in order to complete an assignment.

ABSOLUTE TRUST is the second book in the BOUNTY HUNTER series from Kaenar Langford. After barely coming down from the high that was JUDE’S CHOICE –we are immediately thrown headlong into a situation where denial, age difference and voyeurism are only a few of the issues that faces at least one of the bounty hunter aboard the Renegade.

Micah a dedicated bounty hunter wants the life his friend and Captain have – someone to call his own and more importantly someone he trusts implicitly to do right by him. Layla, the feisty young female bounty hunter is all business when it comes to what she wants – and she wants Micah, above all else. Prince Denyan is not sure why he needs protection, but the one thing he is sure of, is that he wants Micah and what they can have together – after all he has been waiting on him a lifetime.

Ms. Langford has taken us on an adventure of unexplored territory, a place where men are not intimidated by strong combative women, where voyeurism takes on a whole new meaning and where absolute trust is essential in not only exploring the more passionate side of these lusty nature people but to also ensure their very survival.

ABSOLUTE TRUST is a wonderful read and I for one will be looking out for more from this series. The series so far in order of release are JUDE’S CHOICE and ABSOLUTE TRUST.


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