Saturday, 31 January 2009

I have been Happy tagged


I’ve been Tagged by Dani from Confessions of a Romance Book Addict! Thanks Dani! I have been popping in and out of Dani's blog since she started and it has been fun. make sure you go over and see what she's been up to.


Here are the rules of Happy Tag:

1. Link to the person who Tagged you.

2. List 6 things that make you happy.
3. Post the rules.

4.Tag 6 others and let them know you Tagged them.

5. Then tell the person who Tagged you that your entry is finished.

6 Things That Make Me Happy:

1. My Library - I am a nerd at heart and my library brings me a great deal of pleasure - I have

been working at it since my teenage years and I have gone through various reading stages and I think I have found my niche(I think) - Plenty of romance with a liberal sprinkling of, suspense, vamp and witches with a few dragons if you please.  Add a few mythology and ancient history tucked in somewhere there and I am good to go.

2. My kids - I have super science geek's and they are a blessing and a curse, when I am not hiding from them I am more than likely to be found jumping in the mud puddle right along side them.

3. Parents - I am blessed with parents who have aged well and who can keep up with the grandkids and I - or is it the other way around. They make life all the better for us having them  and loving them.

4.Cooking - Where some people stress and go into a prolonged pout - I take to the kitchen - and my family have never been happier - food on tap. Highly stressed I am. 

5.Choice - It sound so simple, but I am blessed I live in a part of the world where I actually have a choice to say (within reason) and be all I can and want to be - it is a blessing to be treasured everyday.

6. Handbags - My stock pile of handbags - need I say more - LOVE THEM. 


6 People I’ve Tagged:

Alessandra - Alessandra's place - Out of the Blue 

Phoebe -  Talk About My Favourite Authors 

Evie - The Book Fiend 

Victoria - Erik is so not Dead 

Amber - Nocturnal Reviews 

TBQ - The Book Queen

If you haven’t checked out any of those blogs above you definately should! 

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Friday, 30 January 2009

The Debtor's Daughters Series - Faith - Hope - Charity: Lacey Thorn




Turning twenty-one is meant to be an exciting time for any young girl – but not so for Lacy. Promised to one of her father's old balding cronies as his bride, Lacey will do anything to get out of the arrangement and on the eve of her twenty first she takes matter into her own hands.


Jake is tired and frustrated, his plan to get the girl he’s been dreaming of doesn’t seem to be going well; that is until the girl in question walked right through his isolated cabin door. Now to revise the plan, as there was no way he was letting her go.

FAITHFUL BEGINNING is the first in Ms. Thorns DEBTOR’S DAUGHTERS series and to be honest this is a sweet romp. Lacey is just coming up to that magical age of twenty one where all girl dream of independence and have that naive outlook of life. However Lacey is caught in a trap and her only solution is running – and run she did.

Jake on the other hand, wants Lacey for more than just a romp – and although with some luck she right where he wants her to be – he now has to protect her.

This is a quick visit and Ms. Thorn has most definitely piked my interest especially with the last paragraph – a most fantastic start to this series.



After her sister Lacey home, Hope has spend the last three years plotting and planning for her own chance to escape – and the time has finally arrived. Her twenty first is just a week away and she is in the same predicament has her sister before her – scheduled to be wed.


She spots her chance, make good her escape and finds herself in the arms of one the most dynamic man – but there’s a catch – there’s two of them.

Shawn O’Grady is sailing home with his best friend and business partner - Tommy, and they have a lot on their mind – after all Shawn mum has just dropped a bomb shell on them. Discovering a message in a bottle – they thought how appropriate as even before they set sail they find themselves looking into the eyes of their future.

Hope, Shawn and Tommy are doing very much the same thing, albeit in a different way. They are looking for the one person to call their own and putting more of a bravado than than they actually feel. Hope has planned and plotted to get to where she is now, however she is not so focused on herself that she can’t see a good thing when it stares her in the face. The problem is, or the bonus as luck would have it, she has two great men who are willing to make her dreams come through and challenge her cause.


Shawn and Tommy has been given sound advice just recently and with the hand of faith and lots of hope, it looks as if they are about to have it all.

GAINING HOPE, second book in the DEBTOR’S DAUGHTERS series comes as part of the Legend anthology. More of Ms. Thorn style comes out in this book and she clearly has a panache for a little bit of mystery.


I am starting to thing of the how, why and when, as I read these books. A good read – eagerly awaiting the next read.




Charity, the third sister is frustrated, unhappy and caught - trapped in a cabin awaiting the bodyguards who are to ensure she turns up for the wedding she didn’t want - on time. When she gets a glimpse of the brothers hired to keep her secure – she starts planning how to get the best of them.

Dev and Doug James are just doing their job, however when they get the details of the job, they take matters into their own hands and it’s with no regret that they guard Charity to the letter of the contract.

Spending the few days she has left as a free woman with the delectable James brothers has Charity experiencing emotions she’s never felt before –however once she put these into words how far is she willing to go to carry them through?

CLAIMING CHARITY is the third in Lacey Thorn’s THE DEBTORS DAUGHTERS series, Charity is at the end of her tethers about what to do, how to escape or how to justify what is happening to her. When she gets her way with the James brothers – she gets more that she bargains for.

Doug and Dev are not only ready to do the right thing by Charity to make her happy, but are willing to make Charity’s dream come through in every way possible.

Lacey Thorn has once again done her magic with this series. is a much more weightier read and I still maintain - with every read we get a bit more of the history and the mystery behind why these girls are caught up in this situation.

CLAIMING CHARITY is fantastic third book with a lot more love scenes and a more down to earth feel to the union of these three.



THE DEBTOR'S DAUGHTERS will eventually be the stories of five sisters. We have so far been treated to three of the five sisters story.

With every book that Ms. Thorn writes, she give a little bit more of the mystery. I have to admit when I read the first book, I though is this it -while there was that last paragraph that make it so worth it - but still I wondered.

However by the third book, I realised that this was a stroke of genius on Ms. Thorn's part. Working back is a new one on me and I liked the concept of it. To really enjoy these books -  try to read all the three as close together as possible.

I am eagerly looking forward to the next two sisters books and how much more of the mystery will Ms. Thorn reveal to the reader and without giving a big part of the mystery away those last paragraph are really worth looking forward to. 



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Thursday, 29 January 2009

A Matter Among Men: Destiny Blaine

Darlene, the younger of the two girls, has had to grow up fast after the death of her parents. With her sister Kimbrell,

not showing any interest in the ranch, she does what she has to do – she gets on with business. Hiring and firing men on the ranch is nothing new for Darlene.

However when a new hand turns up for work, and from the get go is definitely more interested in claiming her than rounding up cattle, she immediately goes on the offense. With the testosterone level running high on the ranch, is she prepared to be brought to heel by this very determined cowboy?

Jack Dawson has returned home after ten years. Not only is he smarter, but he is also a different man. Coming back home for the girl that he’s has always considered his, he arrives just in time to take charge of a situation that’s almost out of control. With an overload of secrets in his past, can he win the girl before his secrets destroy his future?

Ms. Blaine has dressed up the old promised marriage custom into a  story that is not only brutal in its honesty of life on a ranch with two females in charge, but with two women who are now adults who have never forgotten what their parents intended to do before their untimely death.

For fans of sexy alpha male cowboys who won’t take no for an answer and even sexier women who appreciate a man who takes charge, you will not be disappointed with A MATTER AMONG MEN. Ms Blaine’s descriptive style of writing makes for some every erotic love scenes. Along with the ever present angst between the main players and the supporting cast, there are secrets, lies and innuendo that can only be revealed when they look into themselves and realize that this is their time and their moment.


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Cattle Valley: Gone Surfin': Carol Lynne

Quade Maddison is miserable, not only has the weather dumped an unholy amount of snow on his little town of Cattle  Valley this Christmas, but he’s also lonely, achy and missing the man whom he has not been able to get off his mind for about a year now.

He gets stuck with the usual madness that happens in the town during the holiday season and to top it off, there’s love in the air all around wherever he looks. Going with the flow and joining the residents at the New Years Eve ball at the newest hot spot in Cattle Valley – Tall Pines Lodge

Kai Hachiya has not had a good year on the surfing circuit, due largely to his preoccupation with the man he met last year on the beach of Hawaii and has been playing phone jockey with ever since. Hit with freezing temperatures on his arrival when he decide on a surprise visit to Cattle Valley is the least of his worries, as the man he has come to see has no idea he’s in for a surprise.

GONE SURFIN' is our ninth visit to the utopia that is Cattle Valley. Quade is not the happy bunny that we have always known him to be, however, this time he is clearly out of sorts with his currently single position and most definitely not happy with the weather which make just moving around a chore.

When Kai turns up to make his New Year all he hoped it would, he is also put in the position of seeing Kai outside of his sunny, beach environment. Trying to balance it all and make his man happy – turns out to be one of the most challenging thing he’s ever done.

Kai is caught between having his dream come true and making a decision about the man he loves more than anything. After visiting Quade in his home town, he can’t really see the appeal of all the snow and time away from the shores. Willing to do anything to make them both happy, he puts himself in a position – that might have them losing it all, if he makes a mistake.

Carol Lynne is without a doubt one of my favourite erotic author, not only is she able to condense a whole bunch of emotion in a relatively short book, but she has a flow that just make you keep coming back for more. In GONE SURFIN', there are quite a few upheavals in Cattle Valley with the comings and goings of the residents. With all that however, we are treated to all the old players who never fail to put a smile on our face.






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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Winning Molly: Bobbie Russell



When Win Coulter comes home from his latest assignment, to find a woman on his stretch of the beach – he is not happy. However once he gets up close and personal to the bike riding beauty – he finds himself with more than an attractive woman on his hand – he finds himself trying to prevent a murder.



Molly has more on her plate than she cares to share. When the man from the beach house not only storms out to get her off his stretch of the beach – but to literally take over her life; she finds it just might be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

A who done it suspense romance, WINNING MOLLY is a story of more than just immediate attraction and shared passion. Molly and Win are inadvertently caught up in a situation where they cannot turn back, without losing something that they have not had time to enjoy.

The pace of the book is quite fast and before you know it, Win has more or less taken over molly’s life, but Molly is a force to be reckoned with, and with supporting characters who are not only helpful, but have a wicked sarcastic sense of humour, which will have you laughing until the very end.

Bobbie Russell’s style is quite endearing and readers will have a hard not enjoying this one.



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Beyond The Reef: A.J. Llewellyn

Tony Kaven gets a job in one of the most beautiful places on earth with one of the most egotistical actors on earth. He finds himself not only surrounded by people who are unsure of what will happen with their jobs but, he finds that after dark – you never know what’s happening behind closed doors and with whom.

This brings him to his biggest problem and in the spirit of being on the mystical Hawaiian island, he prays to the gods to bring him a man who will not only make him happy, but who will also love him for all that he is.

Beyond the reef is fantasy come to life – at least for Tony. With his more than average size, he is self conscious of how people sees him and have issues with the fact that he is lonely and miserable because of it.

When he calls on the gods to give him his one wish – he forgets that sometimes what you wish for you just might get. And Tony has more than his work cut out for him with the man of his dreams, not only is he perfect, but he brings out all the unpleasant emotions in Tony that he doesn’t like about himself.

Messer Llewellyn has taken us back to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands with this wonderful location driven book; with lots of historical detail, he has delve into the best of the island and created a tale that will have you never wanting to leave. He’s also shown us his wonderful style by taking a very insecure man and finding the perfect man for him to love, and be loved for himself in return.

Once again my hats off to Messer Llewellyn; BEYOND THE REEF is a great read.





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When Love Comes Back Around: Lisa Marie Davis



Caden Foster has always lived by his father’s rules and even in love he has obeyed his father. Ten years ago he gave up his one chance of happiness and has regretted it ever since. Years later and realizing that the man he gave up is coming back to town – he makes the only decision he can make – ask for forgiveness and try again. But will his plea fall on deaf ear or will admitting he was wrong years ago be the best thing he’s done in a long while.



After ten years Royce has come home to sort out family obligations. Although his heart isn’t in it, he knows he is the only one left to do it. One thing he is very sure of, he has no plans to reacquaint himself with the one person who has broken his heart; the one person who still means more to him than even he realizes.



This is my first Lisa Marie Davis and it's a great read. Caden and Royce are not only ten years older than the last time they saw each other, but also filled with years of regret and disappointment. Both have made a name for themselves in their chosen field, and have grown stronger because of the experience of ten years ago.

Ms. Davis has given us enough back history to get caught up in the life and love of Caden and Royce – and with all the external forces against them, you will no doubt fall in love with the men as I did.



Be prepared for lots of emotionally charged scenes that will either have you clenching your fist at the unfairness of life or smiling as you literally cheer the men on again all the forces against them.


WHEN LOVE COMES BACK AROUND, is a not to be missed reading experience.



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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Daywalker Series: The Hard Truth - Amanda Young

Cage Johnson is not a happy vamp, blackmailed into making his brother and his existence known to the Council by Red, long time friend and ex-lover. Now that he was at the point of no return, he finds himself not only in the middle of a tension filled situation, but alone as Red seem to have suddenly abandoned him.

Red Taylor has achieved one part of what he has always wanted; getting Cadge to expose himself to the council. This was just the first part of what he wanted from Cadge and that has taken him more than years than he care to remember to get to this point. Getting Cadge to acknowledge the feeling they have for each other is the next step and he’s not willing to wait any longer.

THE HARD TRUTH is the follow up to SECRETS AND LIES, and I have to admit I liked it. It starts almost directly after the first book ends. Red gives Cadge no time to renege on his promise to come out to the council about the existence of his specie - Daywalker's.

However all is not as straightforward as they naively thought it would be. As not only did Cadge have to look a sworn enemy in the eye but also come to terms with the fact that as much as Cadge lead him to the council, it looks like he was most definitely on his own from here on in – and he’s not sure he likes it.

Red knows he is doing the right thing, irrespective of the fact that things have a way of bouncing back at you when you least expect it, which is exactly what happens. At a lose of what to do to keep himself in the know and at the same time in a position to protect Cadge in this situation that he’s drag him into – he goes to the man himself to give him support.

What he gets intern, is a man confused about what he wants, what he’s missed out on and a man who wants him. They however have a lot of issues and past hurt to resolve before they can go any further.

Things are taken out of their hands when they are caught up in a situation that may have Red loosing more than he's ever had and Cadge more than he ever could.

This book is not a stand alone book and must be read in conjunction with SECRETS AND LIES. THE HARD TRUTH is the second in the series and while there were parts that felt really rushed and abrupt, the plot, the tension between the two protagonists as well as the eerily suspenseful feel of the house that this whole book takes place make this read sooo worth it.

Well done Ms. Young, The HARD TRUTH is a wonderful read.

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Be With Me - Maya Banks

When Hutch, Cam and Sawyer met in their teenage years, they not only had the usual teenage bust up, but also the added pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with the girl of their dreams.

These three men have always known what they want and they all want the same thing – Regina Fallon. Getting her however has turned out to be the biggest challenge they have ever faced.

Regina Fallon, the poor little rich girl from the right side of the tracks – has run away from home and the three men who have always been apart of her life. Never taking the time to explain why she hightails it across the border, she makes a new life without them.

When danger lurks in the background of Regina life, they all come together to protect each. This however may be the thing that brings them together or tears them apart.

I have had this book for a while pushing around on my to TBR pile, and I pick it up the other day and to be honest I never really got into it. A huge fan of Ms. Banks works I just could not relate to this book.

Cam, Hutch and Sawyer have grown up together, gone through the usual teenage angst and fisticuff and the loves and lost that we all went through growing up, however in their adult years the one thing they are firm on, is their love for Regina – the girl who has become more to them than anyone even suspects.

Regina on the other hand, knows what she wants but thinking of how society with perceive a relationship of four – she runs away. She has however never resolved the feeling she has for these three men to herself, as at the back of her mind there is the yearning to have her cake and eat it too.

When danger follows Regina and looks more than what it is at face value, the four bond in a way they have never bonded before. However sometimes the more we talk the less is said and Regina may need more than they all have to give.

If you like Maya Banks works, you will slog through this one, however new fans – this will be slow reading as the pace drags a bit and the characters are not as well developed as we are used to from Ms. Banks. On a positive note however Ms. Banks does know how to build a suspense and with the twist and turns coming fast and thick it was a definite surprise when the who done it came to light, the love scene are not only hot they are as creative as Ms. Banks as ever gotten - burning the sheet hot.

All in all, no regret in reading this one – BE WITH ME is a good addition to the library of any fan of Ms. Banks.

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Monday, 26 January 2009

Alessandra's Place - Out Of The Blue








This week guest blogger is no stranger to blogging, as just recently she has achieved her 400 post on her blog. I found Alessandra's place - Out of the Blue when she reviewed  Matters of Faith by Kristy Kiernan, not only was it a hard read for me, but i wanted another persons opinion on the book - she loved the book and ended recommending the book - I have to admit even after reading it twice - it's still was a hard read for me.

However once i went Out Of The Blue - there was no return. She has since delved into some new to me authors, books with some hard plot to digest - but all in all she has a style that's all her own - which really keeps you coming back for more. Not only does Alessandra find time to read, review and get through her day, but she operates two blogs; along with Out Of The Blue she also manages Una Pioggia Di Libri - It's Raining book, the Italian book/review blog she operates.

Since following her blog, she has been awarded numerous blogging awards from her friend and colleagues - and they are well disserved.  Without giving much of the interview away - she has also gotten involved with numerous reading challenges for this year, and one area that i will be forever grateful to her for, is her introduction to the Weekly Geek Challenge. I was not  fortunate enough to have been blogging at the time that Dewey was with us - but I am very impressed with the legacy she has left behind.

Without further ado - Please join me in welcoming Alessandra - Out of The Blue.


Hello everyone, my name's Alessandra and I'm a twenty-something book blogger from Italy. I blog in English even though it's not my first language because I read a lot in English and love it. Also, I get to connect with people from all over the world, which is an added bonus!

Why I blog

I started my blog during the spring of 2007 as an assignment for my EFL (English as a Foreign Language) course during my last semester at university. In our blogs, we had to reflect on our language learning experiences and focus on informal learning as an on-going process that would accompany us throughout our whole lives. It was so much fun that I decided to go on blogging even after  graduation.

In the spring of 2008 I stumbled upon the book blogosphere and got hooked - thus, the focus of my blog shifted from language learning to book reviews and book-related posts. Blogging is my main hobby after reading - I read books, blog about them, and read other people's book blogs so I can find more books to read. At the beginning, I wrote reviews for myself, in order to keep track of my reading. Now I'm trying to write for an audience, so that people coming to my blog might get an idea of the book and decide if they want to try it for themselves.

The genres I review
In my blog I review fiction. I almost never read non-fiction, so it's safe to say that you won't find many non-fiction reviews in my blog. Apart from that, I'm not specialized in a particular genre. Before joining the book blogosphere I used to read lots of romance novels and chick-lit; I'm a sucker for a good romance. Now I take pleasure in discovering new authors and broadening my horizons: I enjoy general fiction, historical fiction, and YA literature. I try to keep my blog well-balanced by reviewing titles from different genres.

What makes a good review

In my opinion, a good review gives people an idea of the book. I like reading long, in-depth reviews, but only after I've already read the book - otherwise I'm afraid there will be too many spoilers! I try to keep my reviews short and sweet - I deal with the main plot points, and then with the most peculiar features of the book. I usually keep away from big spoilers, or at least I stress it when there are spoilers in my review.

The best thing about blogging

I think that the best thing about blogging is connecting with other people with the same interests. Even though my blog is not very well known, being a part of the book blogging community and having people comment on your blog is a fantastic experience. I got so much out of the book blogging community.

My dream blog experiences

I love the Weekly Geeks community. It was started by the late Dewey of The Hidden Side of a Leaf (probably the most well-known book blogger and an amazing person) as a way for book bloggers to connect and create a community. After Dewey's passing a group of bloggers has taken up the event and now the Weekly Geeks are back!

Another blog experience I particularly like is submitting my book-related posts to blog carnivals. I currently submit posts  to three blog carnivals: Just Write (a blog carnival hosted every Friday at Incurable Disease of Writing for writing professionals); the Bookworms Carnival(a themed book-related blog carnival taking place twice a month); and the Book Review Blog Carnival (a blog carnival happening every two weeks and featuring a number of book reviews of different genres).

My plans for 2009


I have big plans for 2009. I will be hosting an edition of the Bookworms Carnival in July (the theme will be Books in Translation) and plan to have a related book giveaway. I hope to be able to continue with the Weekly Geeks and my other book-related activities. Together with Eva of A Striped Armchair, I'm now hosting a weekly meme called Library Loot - for participants to share with their readers the books they are picking up at the library. I hope you will follow me as we have fun with our book blogs.







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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Harvest Heat: Carol Lynne


Taking some much deserved personal time away from home and his father, James takes a tour of the outback of Australia. Just qualified as a lawyer, he however has no heart for it and just wants to have a chance at his first love – working with the land.


Wanting to stay in Australia a little longer, he takes a job as a farm hand to not only the most reclusive farmer in the area, but also one of the sexiest men he has ever met.


Lochie has carved out a life for himself in the outback, but without help this season; he’s looking at some hard time to come. With luck on his side, he gets a farm hand and more than decent eye candy in the bargain to help him bring in his harvest.


An attraction builds up between the two and although they let it lead them where it will, Lochie may yet lose Jamie, as he has a secret which Jamie is about to find out sooner than he planned.


Lochie and Jamie are at just the right phase of their lives to accept the other; however fantasy and reality are never ever the same things. Lochie has lived the life he has wanted until he realizes that there is more to life than what he had going on in the city, but coming home has him facing a whole new set of challenges that he had to deal with; now that he has Jamie in his life, he finds he again has to rethink what is important in his life.


Jamie is caught between wanting to please a father and also wanting to follow his dream of working with the land. Meeting Lochie is like icing on the cake. However the sting is in the details as Jamie finds out when the first local get together happens.


HARVEST HEAT is billed as a stand along book in the Carol Lynne ever increasing repertoire of deliciously sexy reads. However, this has the making of a series as the supporting players all comes with there own little secrets, and with events left as they are, I for one am looking forward to wherever Ms. Lynne goes with this one.




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Through The Closet Door: Rick R. Reed

Gregory has lived next door to neighbour Jake for about two years now, although married and openly envied by his acquaintances he find himself at a crossroads with his sexuality over the summer holidays and finds himself looking at Jake in a totally different light.


Keeping a journal gives him the avenue of expressing himself as he’s has never been able to with anyone else, and also give the confidence to know his secret is still safe –after all he is still hiding his journal.

Something had to give and when his wife starts the ever increasing demands of starting a family, the choice may just about be taken out of his hands; but is he ready to come through those closet doors?



Without giving much away, Gregory is caught up in his emerging sexuality over the summer holidays. He is unfortunately caught in the middle of a wife who wants to start a family and the guy next door, who could be the answer to his heartfelt desire.

Both are awaiting answers and Gregory has to make a choice – but what path will Gregory take in order to be true to himself?

I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this one, I actually read it twice to realize that this is actually a well thought out event – it was even more surprising to realize as well that Gregory’s journey is one that the author Rick Reed can emphasize with.



For fans of Rick Reid THROUGH THE CLOSET DOOR is a read not to be missed.



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Saturday, 24 January 2009

At Long Last: Shawn Lane

Preston Reynolds is confused by the emotions he feels for his best friend’s brother - Scott. Six years ago when he had first met him – he chalked the attraction up to being tied up with his friendship with his brother. He’s straight and never been interested in the same sex – he is also shaken by how little control he has when it comes to his attraction for the firm’s new accountant.

Scott Trask is home and is in the employ of the family business, which puts him not only in contact with the man he has dreamt about for more years than he can remember, but also literally next door to the man himself – which may be more than he can handle.

Deciding to give the attraction room to lead them where it will, both men enjoy each others company to almost the exclusion of all else. The only fly in the ointment for Scott is Preston’s suggestion to keep their relationship a secret. However, things don’t go as planned and before long – secrets have a way of not being secrets anymore and some hard choice have to be made, but who will come out the winner in this?

Scott Preston has more or less just settled into a routine with his life. While not what he wants, he gets by with his work and makes the best of whatever life throws at him. He gets a curve ball however when an insane attraction raises its head between Scott, his best friend’s brother, and himself. Not knowing what to do, he does the unthinkable and ends up causing more harm than even he had imagined he was capable of.

While the plot is not the most original, Shawn Lane has brought a dynamic level of emotional tension between the protagonists. The ebb and flow of the relationship that they are trying to maintain is one we can all relate to, and more than anything else, we all want it to succeed. AT LONG LAST is a truly brilliant read.




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Witchy Woes Book 1: Tamara: Michelle Hasker

When Tamara is diagnosed with a life threatening disease, she straightens her spine and gets on with the business at hand, but wonders what else could go wrong. Two things happen to truly test her resolve. One, a spell goes awfully wrong, which lands her in the hospital and two – on waking she finds herself looking into the eyes of the most gorgeous firefighter she has ever seen – Dante.


Both Dante and Tamara are aware of the attraction between them; however with Tamara being ill, she refuses to get close to someone only to have them hurt. Dante on the other and will settle for nothing less than all Tamara has to give.


Michelle Hasker starts off her WITCHY WOES series with a rush of excitement. With an introduction to the coven and the myriad of problems with their magic – we are treated to a coven of women who we will eventually get their own stories. With matter taken out of Tamara’s hands we get her story first.



Dante and Tamara are destined to be together, with Dante’s determination and Tamara resistance to accepting what Dante know is fate, there are some fun moment and readers will get much pleasure out of this great read.




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Friday, 23 January 2009

Quivering Thighs: Ashlyn Chase

Kendra Dempsey has made it to Hawaii after taking her boyfriend’s money – who just happens to be a gangster. She does a series of things to protect herself; she changes her name, gets herself a big dog and finds a job as an apprentice tattoo artist – that’s when all the fun begins.


Left on her own to do a tattoo on Jake, the guy from the Bump and Grind Auto Body shop, she make a right hash of it. Jake an undercover cop – finds himself attracted to the woman who not only messed up his ink, but wants to just about turn his life upside down with all her questions.


Finding a middle ground to enjoy the attraction between them is difficult, as not only do they both have their own share of secrets, but with a possessive dog to contend with – how much hope is there for this budding relationship?

QUIVERING THIGHS is the sequel to Ms. Chase hilariously funny novel HEAVING BOSOMS. The book is character driven – Kendra is the girl next door, ditzy funny, and when her dog will permit, hell on wheels when it comes to Jake.

Jake is caught between his job, attraction to Kendra and wanting to do the right thing by her as well. There’s also a dog that is just not open to the idea that Kendra and Jake want to be together – funny does not cover the events that occur when they want to get together.



However, when they do eventually get it on, they are a pair to be reckoned with, as the sexual tension between the two is almost tangible. The secondary characters are not only fun in this wonderful read; they play a vital role in keeping the pace of the novel moving. QUIVERING THIGHS is most definitely a must read.



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Sorry Guys - I'm Having a Chocolate Moment - Update soon

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Collision Course: KA Mitchell

After breaking up with his last boyfriend, social worker Joey moves to another town – again – to not only start a new life but hopefully find love. Even after ten boyfriends he is still optimistic about finding that special one. The opportunity comes sooner than he expects and under most unusual circumstances.


Called to attend to a traffic accident by the side of the road, Aaron Chase immediately notices the body of the man assisting before he notices the man himself. Before the night is done he finds out a bit more than he bargained for with Joey.


After raising his brothers and sisters, while hiding from authorities, Aaron has more than enough issues stemming from that experience, along with dealing with his troublesome siblings, to take things further with Joey. However Joey has a way of accidentally falling into Aaron’s arms and Aaron has no complaints about catching him at all.


Joey has is own story and I am very pleased. I loved Joey in Diving in Deep and irrespective of his ditzy and manipulative ways he was one of my favourite persons. He has not changed - much – however he thinks he may have found Mr. Right this time and not Mr. Right Now. He also has to not only toe the line and make an effort, but it’s hard as Aaron is just not ready for Joey.


Aaron has mothered and fathered all the kids he wants with his siblings and with Joey he experience a whole new range of emotion than what’s he’s used to with his usual hook-ups. As much as Joey gets under his skin, he knows what he wants and little Joey has just about thrown his rule book out the window - for good.


I love this book for a whole range of reasons, the privacy that Joey maintains when he finds out about Aaron’s secret, the interaction between the siblings who have gone through and overcome so much, and mostly Aaron’s attempts to distance himself from Joey – when Joey is everything he could have wished for.





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Carla's Delicious Secret: Emma Wildes

Lady Carla Albright has always been Aunt Carla to her friend’s son. When she tries to outwit a persistent pursuer, he comes to her rescue, and she finds herself neatly dancing off with him. While on the dance floor, she realizes that this is a prelude to the dance of her life. 

Stephen has a deep desire for Carla, and while he’s been away at school she has had the starring role in all his dreams. Seeing the perfect opportunity to make a proposition which he hopes she will not be able to turn down, he takes his chance.



Carla is disillusioned by the pettiness of men and their little wagers, while Stephen is disillusioned with the vampish nature of the ladies of the ton. And although his mother is looking for the perfect match for him, he is back from school with the confidence to go after what he wants, and his eyes are set firmly on the prize.

Ms. Wildes has created a story that will leave you breathless; Carla and Stephen are looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The heat index of CARLA’S DELICIOUS SECRET is volcanic, and a definite must for fans of Ms. Wildes work.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Travelling Circus Book 2: Center Ring Sutton Fox

When race car legend Butch Cameron and his wife Lacy dies, their daughter Julia Cameron is left in charge of not only the racing empire that they have built but her two teenage brothers as well. With all this emotional turmoil happening, Julia is thought to be the prime suspect and the powers that be at FASPRO are not happy with the assumption that one of their own is a murderer.

Julia has more on her plate to worry about than what the FASPRO management thinks. As not only is she a suspect in her parents murder, but someone was trying to run her out of business. When she has an instant attraction to FASPRO security chief she knows she has to take matters into her own hands.  

Hiring Roane Jameson in the position of security chief was just a cover for Roane to investigate Julia from an up close and personal distance as her bodyguard. What the bosses didn’t count on was Roane’s attraction to the feisty Ms. Cameron and the fact that he thinks she did not do it.

CENTER RING is the second book in the Travelling Circus Series and it is better than the first book. CENTER RING is a much more fast-paced book, with the main protagonists all well developed and the relationships between supporting players all vital to the plot.

Julia is a child in a woman’s body, wanting that elusive thing call love, while having a big chip of insecurity on her shoulder when it comes to walking in her father’s shoes. FASPRO throwing Roane into the mix does not help as she immediately sees the life she could have with a man who is worth fighting for.

Roane has more secrets that he wants to burden anyone with. Once he realizes that what he feels for Julia is something worth making an effort for. He is immediately caught up in the drama that is his own private life and he wants none of that to touch Julia.

If there was a book with more suspects and accusations to spread around this would be it. Sutton Fox has kept the twists and turns coming and with impressive skill, she has drawn us into the exciting cutthroat world that is motor sports.

I was also impressed with Ms. Fox ability to wrap things up in a timely manner, all the loose ends were nicely dealt with and as much as I hope she continues with the series. I was very pleased with the final outcome for Julia and Roane.

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Awakening Desires - Jackson's Jewel: N.J. Walters

Jackson Connors: Eldest son to a father who wanted nothing to do with his three kids, or the farm that has been in their family for generations. After his sister and brother marry and move out, he now lives alone on the ranch.  The last thing he needs to ruin his day, on top of all his other worries, is a live-in housekeeper.

Emerald Jewel: Daughter of sixties hippy parents, has lived through the limelight and tight security that comes with her famous parents’ lifestyle. She and her two sisters have carved out a lucrative business for themselves despite all the people who want something from them. When she is targeted by a stalker, she runs; not only to protect herself, but also to keep her sisters out of harms way. She accepts the job as Jackson’s housekeeper on impulse to get away from her pursuer, but did she just drop herself into another situation that she has no control over? 

Meadow, a small town, has seen the three Connor kids through the best and the worst of times. When Jewel enters Jackson’s life and things get a bit hairy for a time, the town rallies and does what every small town does – support their own.

Jewel and Jackson are dynamite together, and from the moment their eyes meet and their hands touch, the electric tension consumes you.



Ms. Walters has outdone herself with the love scenes in JACKSON’S JEWEL; they are hot, liberal and literally explode over the pages.

We have followed Jackson through a lot of personal growth and watched him shoulder more than his fair share of burden. For lovers of the Awakening Desires Series, Ms. Walters has done right by Jackson; he has found the perfect match in Emerald.

JACKSON’S JEWEL is best read as a part of the AWAKENING DESIRES series.




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Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Long Way Home: ZA Maxfield

Former police officer turned physic, Kevin Quinn, is called back to California by his brother-in-law when boys start going missing. Despite is reluctance to leave his lonely exile home of Wyoming, he agrees to help. Only concerned with getting there and doing what he can to help, he pushes everything else that may affect him onto the back burner.

Wanting to keeps is involvement on the case as quiet as possible, he is partnered with a new shield detective, Connor Dougal. With the usual skepticism, Connor discounts Kevin’s ability until Kevin accidentally sees his dreams. Then it’s a whole new ball game.

Connor is asked to house Kevin for the duration of the case, not for any vital reason other than because he’s rich and his lifestyle can afford for the department to keep Kevin a secret. Meeting Kevin was not what he expected, but after a few days with Kevin, he can hardly imagine not having Kevin in his home.

With the case a year old and no leads, Kevin insight is spot-on when he discovers an irregularity. However in the scheme of things, Kevin is just as good as the information he is given, and although he has had this gift for a while, he looks at it as “the gift that keeps on takin
g” as the wear and tear to his body is shocking. Connor is incensed when he realizes what is happening and steps in to help. Opening Kevin’s past is like opening a can of worms, however Connor is determined to help this man… the man he wants to claim as his own. Kevin is too much of a realist to accept that Connor is genuine in regards to his feelings and it’s this thinking that may cause him to lose everything.

After reading THE LONG WAY HOME, I literally had to take a day or two to process this book – it was that good. This was my first book by ZA Maxfield, but you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be my last.

The book starts off with some intense and touching moments and to be honest, the author kept the twists and turns, the ebbs and the flows coming thick and fast all the way through this absolutely stunning read.

Kevin, a recluse by his own choosing, has not only returned into a situation where he is the butt of every joke, but also back to his home town and a family that he has not seen in years. With his gift, shaky at best and patchy at worst, he jumps right into the fray of things. He has a shock however, as his “trekkie” takes on the challenge of supporting him, when is gift get a bit too much for him – and this is the point I fell right overboard in love with these two men.

Connor is the classic boy next door, sweet, charming, and modest, but also has the ability to recognize the fact, than in order for him to experience true happiness and fulfillment, he has to make some hard choices and he faces them head on.

THE LONG WAY HOME is not just a love story, with a murder mystery theme. This book has a plot that readers will not easily forget. The book is all about new beginnings, the joy and the pain of family, acceptance and forgiving with grace. There are numerous emotional high and low point in this book, but the characters are so well scripted, they cry, they laugh and they know how and when to say sorry, that you feel every emotion with these wonderful men.

I for one will be thumbing through the pages of THE LONG WAY HOME, for a long while yet.

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