Thursday, 25 December 2008

You're all I want for Christmas: Arleigh Bish





After a harrowing day at the mall with her son, Heidi Gentry comes home to not only the loneliness of a home where she is barely making ends meet but also to the fact that the one person whom she could tell everything is no longer available to her and all by her own choice.

Rick is back home and he hasn't let anyone besides his family know. The one person who has been on his mind ever since they started corresponding, and even after she cut off communication with him, is Heidi. She’s the best friend of his sister and the girl whom he would like to spend more time with. Because he didn’t let Heidi know about the important things and event in his life – he may have lost her.

With Christmas approaching, he has one shot to not only make it right but get the girl as well. But will Father Christmas give him his heart desire for Christmas?

This is a seasonal story with all the pain of a not realized dream and the joy of making up. Heidi has had her fair share of trauma to last her a lifetime and has gotten to a stage where she takes one day at a time with what little she has. Rick is the hero back home and facing his own fair share of secrets – but some secrets are meant to be told and the sooner the better.

YOU’RE ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is a feel good story, that will leave you with a smile on your face.


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