Monday, 1 December 2008

Yellow Rose: Wayback Texas: Delighting Miss Daisy - Abbey MacInnis


Daisy Porter loved the business - Daisy’s Down Home Delights - that she has worked so hard to make a family oriented business and a welcome place to come for all baked goods.

She was not impressed when Sam Howard, CEO of Sam Smooth Sliding Ale, arrived in town to not only promote his product but also seems to be contributing to the volume of litter in the town centre. With his flyer prominently displayed in the most inappropriate of places – including her shop front; She was having none of it and promptly let him know – by going on a campaign to rid Wayback of Sam and his posters. When she meets the man however, he poses more of a threat to her peace of mind as well as her much guarded heart.

When Sam Howard decides to promote Sam Smooth Sliding Ale himself in small town Wayback, with the help of the local schoolboys - Daisy and her crusading attitude was the last thing he expects to encounter as soon as he tried to make an apology. Having is own bridges to cross he decides to fight fire with Sam and simply turns up at Daisy’s bakery as often as possible. 

The attraction they feel for each other is clearly obvious to both Daisy and Sam. Sam immediately takes the bull by the horns and lets Daisy knows what his intentions are, but will Sam intentions and good will get past Daisy’s deep rooted fears?

A first time reader of Ms. MacInnis work, I was very pleased with Delighting Miss Daisy. The book starts off with small town baker meeting high power promoter and the feathers starts flying from the first few pages in.

The sexual tension also starts as well and it only gets better as the book progresses. Daisy has a whole lot of issues, some known and some she keeps deeply buried. Living in a small town there is little that is not known by one and all, in the name of being neighbourly.

Sam has is own chip on his shoulder, but is man enough to face them head on, and roll with the punches as they come at him. When he meets Daisy he has to re-evaluate his plan of action, of how to get her attention and more from her.

With the intervention of small town nosiness, and friendly protectiveness, small town Wayback close ranks around Daisy, when she seems to be bombarded by emotion at the best time of her life and memories from the worst time of her life.

Delighting Miss Daisy is a good addition to the Wayback Series. Ms. MacInnes has a great sense of timing with her characters and her plot. The book was even paced, the love scenes very PG, as would denote small town lifestyle. As much as the book is a part of a series, all the loose end  were tied up, with anticipation aplenty for fan of the Wayback Series to follow on and get caught up in another Wayback story.

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