Monday, 8 December 2008

Wicked Wife: Alice Gaines

Not pleased with her husband and his constant bickering with their next door neighbour and his supposedly best friend Dan; Lisa teams up with Dan’s wife, and her best friend, to teach them a lesson they will never forget.

Brad happily married to his one and only love is comfortable with his life. The only fly in the ointment is his neighbour and best friend, Dan. When Dan interrupts his time with Lisa over something that already belongs to him, he gives Dan as good as he gets from him.

Lisa has just had it; she is tired of the constant bickering every few weeks between the two men. Not only do they bicker over silly things, but the fuss was now cutting into her time with Brad. When her pleas to stop goes unheeded she made an on the spot decision – and no one could quite believe what they had heard.

When Brad realizes that Lisa was not only not joking, but she has company in her plan – he is definitely not happy and has a plan to exact his own brand of payback.

Alice Gaines has invited us into the neighbor’s life, and what a getting on they get up to. Two couples, best of friends – but while the ladies just get on with business and enjoy their time together, the men insist on throwing their rattle from the pram every few weeks or so. They have never had a chance to look at the reasoning beyond why they are constantly at each other’s throats.

When Lisa gives Brad an ultimatum, although not pleased – it gives him and Dan the chance to get to the bottom of what is actually the issue between them.

THE WICKED WIFE certainly lives up to its name, with hot spicy sex scenes between a man and women who are not afraid to indulge in a little fantasy.

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