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Welcome My Guest Blogger - Sayuri from Book Pron


Guest Blogger

A little while ago i joined the hugely popular Good Read - Library and one of the first people I made friends with (as we all do do on these Website) is Sayuri_x's. She runs the Blog Book Pron and her Good Read profile which is update with comments on the books she reads.

I have found her blog to be very enlightening and is a must read for me on most days i'm on the net. During the couple months that  i have been sneaking peeps here and there of her blog, i have to she has a way with words.  Sayuri has A Week in Reading post that she give a brief run down of her week in reading so far - I picked up a Portia Dacosta recommendation from here and have definately become a fangirl of Ms. Dacosta. ( Thanks Sayuri).

Please join me in Welcoming Sayuri_x's to Erotic Horizon.

Jhay got in touch and asked if I would be interested in guest blogging over here. I'm always surprised and flattered when I get asked to do this because I only blog to keep in touch with friends and gush about my favourite books and authors. I always forget that anyone can and does read it.

That anyone is actually interested in some of the absolute tosh that passes out of my brain astounds me.

Anyway, Jhay has asked me to do a quick recap of the reading year and in particular the best thing in the industry this year, what my most anticipated book was of 2008 and what books stood out for me this year along with some plans and stuff for 2008

As for the industry question, I don't really follow the 'industry' as such. I'm a consumer first and foremost. I read, that's it. I'm not an aspiring writer (ok, maybe I am, but I know enough to know I do not have the patience, discipline, talent and most of all courage to write and be good at it.)  You know the old adage 'those who can't teach' in my case it's 'those who can''. 

That said, this year I made the move from 'real' books to e-books and I am a convert. No more lugging around countless heavy tomes, I have everything my heart could wish to read and more, all on one handy 4GB memory card. And it ain't even close to being filled yet. When news of one of my favourite e-publishers Samhain, buying out Linden Bay Romance, another favourite, my immediate reaction was one of pleasure. Samhain are a classy outfit and the fact that, in this current economic climate, they are able to purchase another e-pub outfit, bodes well for them and their future. As well as proving to the publishing industry at large that e-publishing is here to stay and is a viable means of making money. Now if only we could settle on one standard format my life would be almost complete.

But to get to the books.


I had many, many, many highly anticipated books this year. Too many great writers out there getting me hooked on their series etc. I am going to list a few titles and let you know if they were worth the hype.

Lover Enshrined - I love the BDB, my own personal crack. I know a lot of people were grieving about the lack of romance and I would have to agree but I am hooked on the world and the characters now and I don't care if it's lending itself more urban fantasy genre. I want to know how it all ends and I need John Matthew to lose his cherry, Srsly. 

Hostage To Pleasure - Nalini Singhs Psy/Changleing series never fails to deliver. Dorian and Ashaya's story was no different. Plot, Characters and hot, hot sex. The holy trinity of romance.

Demon Bound - I have been waiting for Meljean Brook's newest installment of her Guardians series for what feels like forever. I haven't read it yet, because I want to wait until I am on holiday so I can savour all the booky goodness uninterrupted. 

Rough, Raw & Ready - Finally we got Trevor and Edgard's Story. I have been waiting for this story since Lorelei James's first installment of this series Long Hard Ride. And it was totally worth it. What's better than some man-on-man lovin'?

There were many, many more but I only have a finite amount of time and space here so we'll make do with four just now.

As for the standout book of the year for me, that would be.....*drumroll please.......*

Death Of A Pirate King by Josh Lanyon.

If you haven't read Josh Lanyon's series of books about gay bookseller and part-time amateur sleuth Adrien English then you don't know what you are missing. DOAPK was the fourth installment and sees Adrien re-united with his old nemesis/lover, cop Jake Riordan. After a bad break up in 'The Hell You Say' Adrien has moved on with his life. Two years on he has a new boyfriend and has given up the amateur sleuthing. But circumstances conspire and Adrien finds himself at the scene of another murder and guess who is called in. That's it. Jake.

This installment had everything. A great mystery and the romance between Jake and Adrien was heartbreaking and uplifting and bittersweet. Sublime. There wasn't a moment in this book where I wasn't completely invested in the story, the characters. And that last page. Wowza. I have no way to adequately describe it. You need to read it to believe how good it actually is. Sayuri + Death Of A Pirate King = Many, many tears. But good tears.

Special shout-outs also go to 

  • Portia Da Costa - In Too Deep
  • James Lear - The Secret Tunnel
  • J.L. Langley - The Englor Affair
  • Mike Carey - Dead Man's Boots
  • Charlie Huston - Already Dead
  • Flat Out Sexy - Erin McCarthy

As for next year. Blogwise I am going to do a couple of reading challenges and I am hopefully going to be blogging a little more regularly. I have been sporadic at best lately. Plus I am thinking up some new feature that I may try out.

And bookswise I am waiting for new installments from Nalini Singh, J.L. Langley, Lorelei James, JR Ward, Maya Banks, Jessica Andersen, Sarah Mayberry, Larrisa Ione, Linnea Sinclair..practically anyone who can write a book. I'm that much of a book whore.

Hope my rambling didn't bore you guys too much. 

What was everyone's favourite book of the year, this year?


5 Speak To Me:

Jhayboy on 22 December 2008 at 16:47 said...

Great first blog Jhay, Sayuri blog is fun

Josh Lanyon on 22 December 2008 at 17:16 said...

Thanks to Jhay and Sayuri. Sayuri, I'm delighted you enjoyed the book!

lisabea on 22 December 2008 at 17:21 said...

It's the bestest(est). Yes Sayuri?

Erotic Horizon on 23 December 2008 at 09:33 said...

Thank you all for joining me and my guest Sayuri.

It was as much pleasure to do the questions for Sayuri as much as it was reading her reply.

Thank you.

Sayuri on 23 December 2008 at 13:37 said...


i'm glad you all didn't fall asleep. *g*

Lisabea..yes it is the bestest and I have you and TP to thank for the introduction. ((((hugs)))

Josh - Thanks for the comment but you know I love you. I defy anyone not to love DOAPK. And we still have one more to come. I'm tingling with anticipation.