Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Wayback Texas: Return of the prodigal Daughter Marguerite Arotin


When Sherrie Porter thought of coming back to Wayback, Texas, she comes up with a blank memory as she has never intended to return. When she is forced by circumstances to return to her small town home and her family – she hides out at the local hotel, not only from her family, but also from the man that has broken her heart a few years earlier.

Jake Serrano has his hand full living in Wayback, with family obligation and work – he barely has time for himself. He has however never forgotten Sherrie and his part in the heartache they both share.

When they meet head on, they quickly realize that the attraction they had for each other still burns. After all is said and done, do they have the strength to forgive and give each other another chance?

A new author for me, Ms. Arotin’s Return of The Prodigal Daughter is one hot read. Sherrie, a model has had a hard few months and desperate for the feel of family she returns to Wayback. Not brave enough to face her family, she hides out at the local hotel to try and keep a low profile, where she is not only found but has to face up to the one man she does not want to see.


Jake Serrano is in Wayback trying to get his life back together and find a place where he is happy with himself. With everything he does there is always that little voice of guilt in the back of his mind always remembering Sherrie and his part in leaving her alone in California. When he gets another chance to make thing right he jumps at the chance and starts wooing Sherrie with the sincerest of intentions.

Return of The Prodigal Daughter is a wonderful story fraught with lots of emotional highs and lows. The book is set at a good pace for readers to indulge in the love of Jake and Sherrie and to be caught up and anticipating other romances brewing on the back burner. 

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Marguerite Arotin on 30 December 2008 at 05:34 said...

Awe shucks Sandra ;-). You made me blush with your kind words. So happy you enjoyed Sherrie and Jake's tale :-D. Thank you sweetie for such a nice review and once I can get it posted on my site at http://www.ohioromance.net I'll let you know.

Erotic Horizon on 7 January 2009 at 07:49 said...

Glad you liked my take on the book. It was a great addition to the Wayback Texas series.