Sunday, 21 December 2008

Wayback Texas: Re-Ride at the Rodeo: Anne Carrole

Working the drink stand at the rodeo, Dusty Morgan takes the cowboys that stop by as par for the course and gets on with her job. When she meets bronc rider Clay Morgan she doesn’t succumb to his charms and resists all attempts to get her interested in what he is peddling.

Clay is not pleased by the brush off Dusty give him but always up for a challenge, places a bet with his good friend on who would be the first to wear the lady down. When he gets to know Dusty, the bet is the furthest thing from his mind. When secrets are revealed can Clay convince Dusty that she means more to him than just a bet?

Clay and Dusty are not two people that grab you from the moment go. I have to admit that they grew on me the more I read the book. Clay is a player of the first order who takes the buckle bunnies or leaves them on the rodeo circuit. When he gets shot down by Dusty, he is determine to have the final word and as such makes a bet. Thing changes quickly when he gets to know Dusty for not only her strengths but also her insecurities that she has in regards to the rodeo circuit.

Dusty has all but closeted herself off from the cowboys that come through Wayback; when the persistent Clay wears her down, she hopes with all her heart that this is not just a build up to fall.

Re-Ride at the Rodeo is Anne Carole’s addition to the exciting Wayback Texas series. This is a sweet read, that will having you smiling at the antics of Clay and his friend and the getting ons they get up to. I have to admit while I love a happy ending, this happy ending was original and Dusty deserved it all.

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