Friday, 12 December 2008

Wayback Texas - Bull By The Horns: M. J. Fredrick

Left alone to care for her aging grandmother, Lavender Prouty has had to give up all the things the average young lady takes for granted. Doing what she loves best, teaching at the local school – she gets more than an apple on her desk - she gets Craig Taylor - a hunky, handsome cowboy who has more than a passing interest in her.

Craig’s on the rodeo trail to satisfy his wanderlust ways when he unexpectedly meets the lovely but shy Lavender. He quickly feels the difference that she can make to his life and sets about breaking down her defenses. However, he keeps everything about his life close to his chest, not only to protect his privacy but also to give himself a realistic chance of finding the right girl.

Craig chases Lavender much to her pleasure and her pain - as she is scared to try the unknown and get left behind – again, she takes it one day at a time. Craig quickly puts her at ease about his intentions and has her giving life a chance but will she believe he’s all she wants when all his secrets are revealed?

BULL BY THE HORNS is another love story from the rodeo town of Wayback, Texas. Craig and Lavender are two people wanting so much more than they have gotten out of life. Lavender’s caught up in family drama and wants an adventure. She wants to know how green the grass is on the other side. Craig on the other hand has a quiet life, albeit a lonely life – he also wants the whole package, the life with someone to be there for him.

An emotionally fraught read, with secrets revealed, true friends are realized, and lots of heartache joins the passion filled tension of this book. I love the WAYBACK series and M. J. Fredrick’s BULL BY THE HORNS is a much welcome addition to the series.

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