Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Victory Series, Book 3: Shining Victory: KC Kendricks




Over a beer Stacy James has the thought that the young pup about to get his comeuppance has no idea that sometimes you just have to walk away. Stacy gets up and miraculously finds himself in the mix of the rumble with fists flying.

Making a run from the scene of the fight, Stacy James, business man and generally a wary guy, finds himself not only carting Levi – the young pup around town but sharing more than Just their love for cars at the end of the day.

Levi Wright, an ace mechanic, is young, wild and has the confidence that only comes with youth. After meeting Stacy and without knowing anything about him – he makes a move. Levi has his own demons to face – however is the attraction for Stacy strong enough for him to take a chance and face up to his demons?

When the dust settles both men realize that they have different expectations from their night of passion. One wants to know how far the attraction will take them while the other just wants to have a good time. Can these men who are both At different phase of their lives compromise in order to have it all? Men full of ugly secrets are always an excellent draw to any book for me, and KC Kendrick’s men have whoppers of secrets that have shaped their lives to the types of men they are at the exact moment that they meet each other.

Stacy at forty is older and wiser. He uses his wealth of experience to not only be the sane one of the two, but also the one with the patience and humility to accept things as they are and know that there is always two side to a story and they are not always what they seem.

Levi, young and hot tempered, handles the unknown with anger and his fists if pushed. He has more confidence and allure to impress anyone who may notice him He immediately goes after Stacy with all the impulsiveness of the young – he leaves out the most important information which ultimately makes all the difference to Stacy being with him.

KC Kendricks has given us a sweet read about men wanting more, but are having to face up to their own personal demons before they can move on. SHINING VICTORY is the third book in the VICTORY series and they are now available in one print novel.


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