Tuesday, 16 December 2008

VGL Male Seeks Same: Rick R. Reed

Ethan Schwartz is in a rut - middle aged and stuck in a job that is not all he hoped it would be when he took it. But to make matters worse he has no life outside of his job and an assistant who can say so much with one look – and most of it not nice.

Overhearing a conversation about a Website for single men – he naively signs up and puts in his details online as honestly as possible – but no one responded. Thinking on his feet he twiddles with the details and not only gets an onslaught of responses, but within all of the responses, he receives one that has him feeling as if he has been waiting his entire life to hear those words.

The online world can be a love/hate adventure. Love for the anonymity that it allows Ethan to have, and he has used it to his advantage. Hate, as he quickly finds when the lies become a burden, when he finds that the one person he wants is at the other end of a lie.

Rick Reed has given us a read that we can all relate to in this the internet age. Ethan is bored; borderline depressed and is just going through the motions of an every day routine. When as luck would have it, he gets a chance to live outside of himself, he is surprised at the things people will do and he’s thrilled to have finally found the one person who seems to relate to him on so many levels.

Fan of Rick Reed will love this change of pace from him, I certainly did and will be looking forward to more of Mr. Reed’s work.  VGL MALE SEEKS SAME is a great read.

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