Tuesday, 30 December 2008

To The Highest Bidder: Kate Steele




When Ben Searcy’s best friend bid and won him a lunch date with his favourite television personality – Mitch DeSantis, star of the Case Files, a hugely popular detective program – he accepts with good grace, as over the years he’s learnt to give in to Becca than face any other choice.

Meeting Mitch was not what Ben expected and within an hour of meeting the man he was leaving the restaurant with a reporter dodging his heels. Making his way back to face the interrogation by his best friend did not phase him as much as how disappointed he was that after worrying about how to talk to his favourite star he turns out to be a mega bore.

Mitch is not having a good day and having to sit across from a contest winner, which he didn’t want to enter in the first place, is not making him feel any better. Taking his crappy day out on Ben only has Ben walking out of the restaurant in record time. Knowing he has to apologize, Mitch approaches Ben cap in hand, but will Ben accept his apology or will Mitch end up being another pretty face to look at but not worth knowing in Ben’s book?


Kate Steele has treated us to a sweet romp with TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. In usual Steele style, these are men with some issues or emotional baggage in their past as is the case with Mitch. Being a jerk is definitely not his style and he hastens to make it right with Ben. Ben has gone through his own rough patch but after much soul searching and the shoulder of a best friend to cry on, he’s at a comfortable place. However feeling let down after the lunch date with Mitch he wonders if Mitch is worth it when he tries to apologize.

The plot is an easy one to follow, and fans of Ms. Steele will fall utterly in love with her two protagonists. TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER is a worthy addition to any ebook library.

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