Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Timeless: C.B. Potts

Justin a young artist trying to make the rent by doing pet portraits for pay - in order to work on his passion – the fine arts. The art that no one knows him for, and certainly doesn’t put food on the table. When he is spotted by Gallery owner Wayne, not only is he pleased by the chance to be seen alongside the big name of the art industry but also that he is deeply attracted to the man who can make or break his career.

Wayne is looking for the next big thing when he spots the obviously raw talent of a young artist at a fair - he quickly snaps him up. However he wonders if he is too quick to have his own way in the name of finding the next big thing, or is he using the attraction between the two to unduly push Justin into a lifestyle that he is just not ready for?

C.B. Potts has pulled out all the stops with this story. Justin and Wayne meet under the most unlikely of circumstance, when Wayne goes searching for new talent.

Knowing almost from the moment they meet that they have something special, Justin takes matters into his own hands to get closer to Wayne. However when insecurity and a rude awakening have him doubting is ability, can Wayne be the voice of reason that stabilizes him or will he give up before he’s even started?

C.B. Potts is always an author with a special gift, with pen, and TIMELESS is no different. After reading TIMELESS, you will definitely be hunting down more of this author’s work.

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