Saturday, 20 December 2008

Siren Ménage Amour #21: Love Slave for Two: Tymber Dalton

Thursday has become the day that Tyler Paulson and Thomas Kinsey most looked forward to of all the days of the week. Thursday is when Nevvie comes to work – their cleaning girl. For the past six months they have gotten to know Nevvie and after coming to know her they have fallen in love. Hatching a plan of seduction to get what they want, which is Nevvie – things doesn’t go as plan.

Nevvie Barton, barely making ends meet and living in a less than stellar part of town, does cleaning in order to keep the roof over her head and the man at home in beers. One set of clients more than any other perks up her week and she literally cannot wait for Thursdays to come around. Tyler and Thomas give her more attention than she has ever known and make her feels like a million dollars in their presence. With things not anything to speak of at home, she weaves all her fantasies around Tyler and Thomas. When she has a chance for her fantasy to become reality, she bides her time to make the break – but has she waited too long and will her men still want her after all is said and done?

Love Slave for Two is a wonderful emotional read that will have reader sharing in Tyler, Nevvie and Thomas’s happiness as well as shedding tears at the unfairness of life.

Tyler and Thomas has been a couple for quite some time and after going through their own issues before finding each other – coming to the decision to make Nevvie apart of their life was no quick decision. However once they made their choice they moved heaven and earth to make her theirs.

Nevvie with the beautiful name of Nevaeh, has not had an easy life – with lots of abandonment issues and in an abusive relationship, she is elated when she has a chance of a new life. Trying to do the decent thing and make a clean break – she put’s herself in a position that no one should have to be in.

Love Slave for Two is apart of Siren Ménage Amore series and it’s live up to the same high quality that all the books in this series has. Tymber Dalton is definitely one to watch. Not only has she given us a story with a decent plot, but also introduced us to three people who are not only strong enough to support each other but also brave enough to share in each others pain and suffering.

Love Slave for Two is a wonderful read with characters that will live on in my mind for quite some time.  

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