Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Pulling Away: Shawn Lane



Charlie and Noah have been friends for years, while not exactly running with the same crowd; they were friends none the less. When Charlie's parents died, Noah became Charlie’s steadfast friend as he more or less closeted himself away from everyone.

Noah resorts to having to invent a fake identity to get through to Charlie because he's still keeping Noah at arm's length even after all this time. When their friendship moves into the bedroom, Noah is elated and thinks this is the beginning of something special and Charlie will open up to him. This doesn’t go as Noah hoped and Charlie is now more caught up in talking to his online friend - Sly Cat.

Charlie tells Noah's online personality about Noah and how he feels about him – Noah is crushed and makes the decision to not only protect his heart but to also separate himself from Charlie.
Charlie quickly realizes something is wrong when Noah is no longer around as he has always been. He fines that he has made an error in judgment in how he's treated Noah - and wants Noah back. However now that Noah has moved on with his life - will Charlie have a chance to make things right?

PULLING AWAY delves into the boundaries of friendship and all the issues that surround it. Noah, a neighbour and friend of Charlie, has accepted and put up with a lot from him over the years – yet in spite of all this he’s still able to have strong feelings for Charlie.

Charlie on the other had, feels that life has been unfair to only him, and does not see the kindness of other and that they only want to help him. Noah has always been around and there for him but when his friend is no longer there he learns quickly how much Noah meant to him.
PULLING AWAY is a touching story.  The author tells this tale in a way that brings out the weaknesses and strengths in both men, which is pleasing to see. Readers will enjoy this read and admire Shawn Lane’s wonderful story.


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