Saturday, 27 December 2008

Plain Brown Wrapper: Tort & Retort - Maura Anderson



Two people hiding their other life's from each other - can never lead to anything good; which is exactly what happens with Gayle Osborne an ambitious and career driven patent law attorney and Tyler Monroe owner of the company that she works for. With erotic novels her only outlet for the naughty fantasies she can't express, she is invited to join a blog to express her opinion - as snarky as they may be, about not only the quality of erotic books on the market – but some of the more ridiculous things - like the names some of the authors uses.

Not only is the least of her worries is about the lose of respectability in her career if anyone finds out that she not only reads erotic romance, but that she is also part of the Hit & Misses Review blog – but also the fact that she is and has always had the hots for her boss Tyler, and she is having more and more of a difficult time hiding the way her temperature soars when he only has to enter a room.


When a litany of events happens, Gayle had a decision to make in regards to her future, about not only the man she's come to love but also with herself about how much to Tyler about her secret life – she however is in for a surprise, and it's nothing but a surprise.

A part of the PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER series: TORT AND RETORT is a feel good read that all readers will enjoy. Gayle a passionate woman has worked hard in her chosen career and enjoys the fact albeit secretly that she likes erotic stories. She however would like to get erotic with Tyler, her boss; who she fines everything that she is is looking for in a man in him.

Maura Anderson writing style come across clearly in this sweet read, a book you will romp through in no time at all and will most definitely leave you will a very pleased smile on your face.

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