Monday, 1 December 2008

My Heart Cried: Tangled - Terry O’Reilly

I tried a new author this week and not only was I impressed with the plot but also the issues dealt with. I was so touch by a few scenes in this book - it made My Heart Cried - The book in question is Tangled and Terry O'Reilly is the author, definitely a author I will be checking out and soon. See link to review of the book below.

              So, you’re okay?” Jake asked. Kevin knew Jake needed to know if he'd been tested, if he was infected or not.
Kevin folded his hands on his desk. “Yes, I’m okay.”
“Well, that’s good, then.” Jake sounded relieved.
More silence.
“Well, that’s what I came to find out. I…uh… guess I better be goin’ then?”
There was a question in the statement. Kevin wanted with all his heart to answer
it with ‘No, stay!’ But, instead he said, “Well, thanks for coming by.”

“Yeah, ah… you’re welcome.” Jake stood, looking like he wanted to say
something. Kevin leaned a forward little, waiting, hoping. “Bye.”
“Bye,” Kevin said, gritting his teeth, swallowing hard.
Jake turned to the door, hand on the knob.
“Jake, wait!”
Kevin was up, around the desk and in Jake’s arms in a flash. Jake enfolded him;
bending to kiss the top of his head.
“Kev, God, Kev. I missed you, I am so sorry. I am so sorry.”

Taken from Tangled - Terry O’Reilly

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