Wednesday, 10 December 2008

My Heart Cried: After The Storm - Jaxx Steele


Another new author for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed After The Storm. I liked the style of writing, a scenario that truly leaves you wanting more - Mr. Steele a shout out to revisit these guys in the near future. My Heart Cried for these two and I came away from this book - loving it.

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Ethan pulled Marcus straight into the bathroom when they entered his room. Slowly he pulled the muddy tee shirt over Marcus’ head and threw it to the floor. His hands gently slid over his muscular pecs, gliding across his hardening nipples and then played in the soft hair.
Marcus let his head fall back enjoying Ethan’s touch. “Ethan, it’s been so long —”
Ethan leaned in and quieted him with a soft kiss. “Shhh, just let me love you. There will be time to talk later,” he said softly against his lips.
Marcus was breathing hard, almost panting as he nodded his head. He let out a long pleasurable moan when he felt Ethan’s soft wet lips grasp his left nipple. His knees almost buckled. He felt Ethan push him backwards against the wall to hold him steady. The coolness of the tile on the wall felt good and cooled his heated skin. Ethan moved to the right nipple and Marcus could still feel him on the left. It was fantastic!
“Ethan, please, I’m going to fall,” he panted out.
Ethan chuckled softly. “Oh, no, my beautiful, Marcus, I would never let that happen. You will always be safe in my arms, but I understand, so I will show you some mercy.”

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