Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Review - My Guardian Angel - K. R. Bailey

After the loss of her husband Emma finds it a struggle to get back into the swing of things. Having friends and family around helps a great deal, but also leaves her with little time to sit and just grieve for her loss.

On one such neighbourly visit she learns of Joe Bailey, a widower who seems to be coping after the loss of his wife – and from the sounds of it – enjoying himself as well.

When she gets to meet this ageing lothario first hand and finds not only a gentle but shy man who’s having the same struggles as she is –she learns that it all comes down to facing each day one day at a time.

Emma soon realizes that the admiration she feels for Joe is actually attraction and he reciprocates, but with other love interests and the little demon of insecurity at the back of her mind, will they ever get the chance to be together?

MY GUARDIAN ANGEL is a book that steps outside of the mould of young nubile protagonists, that have all the energy and zest to make things happen. This is a read where both people have already lived a good life - a life they were happy with, satisfied in and while not perfect would not change any aspect of it.

Emma and Joe are perfect, living life at a slower pace and with enough experience of life to know and value what is important and what makes them happy.

MY GUARDIAN ANGEL is a truly impressive read from author K.R. Bailey, a must buy.

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