Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Moonlit Dream: Crystal-Rain Love


Knowing since she was a child, who her mate was, Ming held fast to her belief that they would be together one day. When she loses touch with her mate, she goes on having faith that they would still have the chance to be together.


Years later a new law is being enforced on all the unmated werewolves. With a little magic and the faith that has carried her over the years her mate Jason is with her – but not under the circumstances that she would have liked.

Caught up in a magical realm Jason comes face to face with the woman from his dream, only now they are in great danger of never having the chance to be together in reality. He’s being hunted by the same man who has forced Ming and all the other unmated female werewolves to live in fear of the next full moon.

There is one way to help Ming, but Jason has to look into his heart and find the words that Ming needs to hear, and he needs to do this before the end of the full moon cycle.


MOONLIT DREAM is a fast paced read, which crosses the barrier of reality in order for two mates to be together. Ming has been creative in trying to stay one step ahead of the new law enforced on her pack – however the powers that be has caught up with her and she only has a short time to make Jason realize that they are meant to be together.

This is an enjoyable story that deals with all the dysfunctional dynamics that makes up a werewolves pack. Ms. Love, with her own unique style, has given us an end result that readers will most definitely be pleased with.


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