Monday, 15 December 2008

Men Of Tokyo: Sudden Surrender: White Tigers Series Book Two: Sedonia Guillone

Yuzo is trapped in a relationship where he is considered property, not only is he watched constantly but he is monitored at every turn. His only salvation is the practices he’s learned from a pamphlet he secretly grabbed on a visit to The White Tiger – a hotel of sorts that caters to gay men who go there for spiritual guidance and relaxation.

The White Tiger is managed by KiKu an ex-yakuza, who quickly realizes how Yuzo is suffering and goes about trying to help him - with great danger to himself. Kiku knows that only patience, time and love will have Yuzo shining as he knows he can, but does Yuzo knows that he has that ability to shine himself?

Sedonia Guillone continues with her WHITE TIGERS series with SUDDEN SURRENDER - KiKu and Yuzo’s story. KiKu and Yuzo are so different, yet alike on the most basic level. Kiku the leader rather than manager of the men of the White Tiger, holds together and protects a bunch of damaged men, men who have experienced great loses and tremendous trauma, but they’re also men who still have that kernel of honor that Kiku calls to with his teachings to encourage them to realize that there is a better way of life for them.

Yuzo has accepted his lot in life; while no one likes to be abused or be degraded, Yuzo has been brought up in a society where it is accepted. Having KiKu, not only taking a chance to protect him, but using all his love and attention to try and erase all the shame he has for himself is beautiful to see.

Ms. Gullione’s WHITE TIGERS books are a thrill for me.  It’s easy for me to get caught up in the lives and loves of the residents and their eventual emergence from the nightmare that was their lives before they came to the White Tiger. SUDDEN SURRENDER is a brilliant addition to the series.

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