Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Made For Two: Made for Two Champions: Madison Hayes


Yarionna the queen of eYona finds herself in a strange and new home on the eve of her twenty-fourth birthday. According to eYonan custom this is the year that she must take her first lover. With little choice in the matter she prepares her mind for the champion whom she must share her bed with for the next year.

Camp, an eYonan warrior, has been in love with the queen from the first moment he saw her years earlier. He goes out of his way to get any and all information about her in order to keep him going. Knowing the day will come when she must accept a champion he hones his body into the perfect machine, to meet the challenge when the day arrives – which it has.

After one look at the queen, Lieutenant Matchstick Maloney is determined to not only win the championship match but to also win Yaronna’s heart. Not known for his tact or his sword skill, he must use every trick he has in his book in order to come out on top.

With explosive passion the three come together with no regrets but plenty of pleasure. With Yarionna only needing one champion will the men play fair to win the fair lady or is it trick and treat for both men?

The third book in Ms. Hayes MADE FOR TWO series, we are treated to three passionate people who will settle for nothing less than their heart desire. A thrilling fast pace read, MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS has a brilliant plot with all the old characters being an integral part of the setting.

Camp and Match are polar opposite of each other; their only common ground is their lust for the queen of the eYonan. They will do anything and everything in order to win. When the chips are down and bump falls along the way – they find unknown qualities in each other that they have no choice but to admire. Yarionna is the unknown element that links them together and in doing so they produce some explosive love scenes. 

For fans of Ms. Hayes this is a must read. It’s a perfect addition to the MADE FOR TWO series with a fast pace and all the old favorites making an entrance and the highly addictive writing that we love from Ms. Hayes.

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