Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Just a Memory: Lois Carroll


John Macdonald, Mac, is the acting Chief of Police in the small town of Lakehaven. Suffering from amnesia, he and his good friend Officer Hines are on loan to the town. When the only crime to happen in the town for ten years happens on his watch, Mac decides to investigate this one himself, not only is that strange in itself, but he ends up meeting the shop owner, who turns out to be an unforgettable woman - Mac knows right off, he is in trouble.


Carolyn Blake, widow, single mother and a business owner is shattered when her business is broken into. Living in a town not known for its crime level, does not prepare her for the utter dread she feels at the invasion of her privacy but also the unclean feeling that comes along with it. When an officer she is unfamiliar with turns up to investigate, she takes this in stride – however a second officer turns up, this one makes her feel things she's not felt in a long time, if ever – she begins to wonder what is happening in the small town of Lakehaven.


Mac, not being able to remember what happened on the night he was shot, is not forgotten by the men whom he is in hiding from. With Carolyn now a factor in his life, will he remember everything in order to get the chance to live now that’s he found the one woman who makes it all worthwhile?


Lois Carroll has reignited my love of the romantic suspense genre, JUST A MEMORY is brilliant. Mac and Carolyn are both mature people who have lived, loved and experienced the good and the bad of life. Mac, an experienced officer with an elite force, is more or less hiding out in Lakehaven, along with his good friend. However, he is bored, frustrated and wants to get back to what he knows best – his job – that is until he meets Carolyn.


Carolyn has invested all her time and energies into making a decent life for her daughter and herself. Comfortable but complacent in the town she’s grown up in, she’s in shock at having her business broken into – but she mortified to find herself not only attracted to one of the officers that has come to investigate, but also questioning her marriage.


Fans of Lois Carroll will enjoy JUST A MEMORY with its fast paced plot, exciting characters and the few funny moments it will have you laughing out loud. A much enjoyed read.


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