Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Illicit Attraction - Zena Wynn



Having a little me time has never been so difficult, as Catrina Jackson found out, when she is constantly being hit on as she tries to have a quiet evening in a hotel bar, listening to a little jazz and chilling out

When Darius Cornelio, a fellow patron at the bar puts a simple solution to her - to help her out of her dilemma of being hit on – she reluctantly accepts. During the course of the evening they learn about each other and find compatibility in so many areas of their lives.

Then the one thing that they both swore would never happen - happened and it quickly spins out of control. Can they both remember that they are both married before the worst happen?

Zena Wynn has created a fantasy that will appeal to everyone. Catrina and Darius are strangers meeting in the old classic pick up way – let me help you keep the wolves at bay – little did Catrina know that she’s with a wolf herself.

Both people learn things about the other that is even secret to their respective partners – when the night moves on – jealousy and possessiveness all rare's its head to show the true character of Ms. Wynn two protagonists.

ILLICIT ATTRACTION is a book that will have you filled with trepidation, but also pleasantly surprised by the end result. A lovely fantasy that I wouldn’t mind indulging in myself.

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