Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Review - Hawkeye One: Danger Zone: Sierra Cartwright

Wolf Stone, an elite agent for the Hawkeye specialized team of protectors, is in recluse - not only to recuperate from injury, but also awaiting his turn to attend court as a key witness in a high profile case. Wolf is also a Dom who shares nothing and holds everything close to his chest.

Nate is Wolf’s old sub and has never forgotten or given up on him. He has no choice but to use subterfuge to get onto Wolf Ranch but he is not prepared for the intense emotions that Wolf brings out in him. Despite his feelings for Wolf he knows he’s not prepared to accept Wolf on his terms – this time.

Kayla’s shocked at what she finds herself in the middle of - when Nate and Wolf shows her quite literally what their past relations was. She develops a new sense of sexual adventure and with Nate’s encouragement Wolf is ready to be her master and show her all.

All are in agreement on the attraction between them, however while Wolf is on cloud nine at having two perfect yet totally different subs – they are not happy at having a Dom who shares nothing beyond the obvious with them.

DANGER ZONE, is the first in Ms. Cartwright HAWKEYS ONE SERIES and she gives us three hot, determined and seductively sexy people. Kayla and Nate are more or less in the same boat - wanting only what Wolf can be to them but unwilling to accept anything less than all from him. Wolf is stubborn and has more issues than is good for any one man.

Being in charge all his life, from the field to the bedroom, Wolf finds it difficult to give in to the two most important people to him, Kayla and Nate's, demands. He soon learns that sometimes what we want is not what we can have.

DANGER ONE is a brilliant first book in the HAWKEYE ONE series and with a little snippet of the team dynamics we are teased with enough info to anticipate the next in what looks to be a sexy adventure with the Hawkeye elite. A delightfully enjoyable read by Ms. Cartwright.

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