Saturday, 27 December 2008

Gift Of The Holly Gift - Maura Anderson



Needing some time to herself after a near tragic accident, Kayleigh Brennan is left with both emotional and physical scars. She retreats to a beautiful rented house on the edge of a wooded forest which calls to her in more ways than one.

Kayleigh a believer and practicing Wiccan priestess ventures into the woods and feels the immediate pull of the forest and the holly trees in a sacred area in the middle of the forest.

Not only is the area sacred but Ilex the Holly King and lives in the largest of the holly trees and he's also feeling the pull of Kayleigh's essence in the woods.

I am always amazed at authors that are able to condense a wealth of emotion in a relatively few short pages. At just a little over fifty pages, Ms. Anderson takes you on an intensely emotional journey, with tragedy overcome, lots of soul searching and the joining of two souls. GIFT OF THE HOLLY KING is a fantastic read. Originally released as apart of the BABES IN TOYLAND II – anthology, this has since been re-release earlier this month as a stand alone novel and it does so deserve to stand on it's own.

Kaleigh and Ilex( a beautiful name if ever there was one) are caught in the first blush of attraction. With little time left for Ilex to remain awake due to the winter solstice being upon him and with Kayleigh having just met him – they are in a race against time to spend time together.


With faith come great possibilities and when both their deepest yearning is presented to them after everything seems to have been lost – they can see only the joy of life in front of them.

GIFT OF THE HOLLY KING  is a book with Ms, Anderson easy style of writing, and a plot that suck you in and have you rooting for these two sweet souls to be together. One of, if not her best book to date.

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