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When Mitch Garrison, ex-footballer turned bodyguard, decides to stay at his friend’s house to do some upgrade on their security system, the last thing he expects to disrupt his solitude is an unruly dog. He definitely did not also expect an abused woman and her two kids seeking shelter. Mitch immediately sees his worst nightmare coming to life right before his eyes, but how can he turn his back on a woman that does not know what she needs, and how does he prepare to open old wounds that have never closed? 

Julia Cabots has always done the right thing and make all the necessary sacrifices for the survival of her marriage and for the sake of her children. When her husband becomes abusive, she grabs her children and runs. With little options in terms of where to stay with her kids and lick her wounds, she goes to the one place she knows she will find refuge. However when she arrives, the house is occupied by Mitch, a man she’s wary of, for so many reasons and none of them have anything to do with her present situation. 

Angelina and Abraham Cabot, Julia’s twins and firm believers of angels, are confused with the recent upheaval in their life. In order to deal with it all, they fall back on stories told to them by their grandmother of feathers and angels. They have found their angel and he comes with an angel dog.

When both Mitch’s past and Julia’s present comes after them, they quickly put their priorities to right and join forces to get her kids back. Once the dust has settles will Mitch accept Julia for and in spite of everything she has gone through? And will Julia accept Mitch love just as easily as her kids do?

Feathers on the Floor brings together two protagonists that are at a phase in their lives where they are ready for a change. Mitch has bottled up his feeling of loss, hopelessness and regret over the loss of his wife for so many years, he is now scared witless to make the first move when he becomes attracted to Julia. Since the loss of his wife, he has not had anything to hope for and nothing he wished for as much as he wished Julia would accept him as apart of her life.

Julia on the other hand, a psychiatrist, has closed her eyes and her mind to what was happening right in front of her eyes during her marriage, always making compromises and thinking things would get better. When the chance of a new start presents itself, she is bogged down with self doubt and worry for her children. When she decides to get her feet wet, the results are explosive.

Thank God for kids. Abraham and Angelina are a blessing, they are there to shore up Julia during the rough times and give her a reason for waking up and carrying on everyday. They are a pleasure for Mitch and although never having personal experience with kids first hand, he quickly get the hang of their personalities and gets them onboard in how to protect themselves and be a united team.

Ms. Valleau has penned a fantastic story, a great follow up to Song of the Heart, and in my opinion, the best of the series so far. The plot is explosive with the twists and turns evenly paced. The characters are well rounded, with you either loving them or hating them. Although elements of the third book were hinted at, it was so subtle you could almost miss it. Feathers on the Floor will have you clenching your fist in anger as well as reaching for the tissues a time or two. It is a very  emotional read that will leave you with a healthy respect for Ms. Valleau’s style of writing.

An absolutely brilliant read! Take a bow Ms Valleau Feathers on the Floor stands up and roars.


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