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Fabulous Brits: J.P. Bowie, Jade Buchanan, Jane Davitt, Sedonia Guillone, Carol Lynne, Willa Okati

  • MOOR LOVE by Carol Lynne When mute land owner Jon Cook decided to take in a year long intern to help on his farm due to an injury to his leg the last person he expected was a young gay American - Caleb Winters. He quickly finds Caleb to be a young man who not only accepted him for who he is, but also has the ability to communicate with him about more than just the land with relative ease. Caleb has come to Scotland for an adventure and a change of pace; his immediate attraction to his boss has him quickly re-evaluating his plans.

Jon and Caleb are two personalities looking for more than the other can give without a lot of soul searching and compromises. Jon has become a recluse due to his injuries and an overwhelming sense of guilt. Caleb on the other hand is full of life and sees the bright side of every situation. They are attracted to each other but with each not opening up to the other, it takes a third party to take the matter in hand and sort them out.

  • YIN YANG by Sedonia Guillone

Fifteen years earlier Tim and Basho, the most unlikely of boys, were in the first phase of a romance that had so much potential. Basho is killed and Tim is left with not only heartache and ‘what ifs’, but also a sense of unfinished business. He decides to close that chapter of his life and goes to Tokyo to visit Basho’s grave. Staying at the White Tiger hotel Tim not only learns more about himself and the boy he was in love with but also gets the surprise of his life.

A short story involving two gentle souls that have lost so much, but gain a whole world of experience from all the trauma and upheaval they have gone through their entire life. Both are quiet men, who have known and accepted that the other is their one true and life long love. YIN YANG is Sedonia Guillone at her best.

  • KINGSOAK by Willa Okati

Matthew throws caution to the wind when his car breaks down in the less than reputable area of Kingsoak he enters. He doesn’t know that the evening ahead will change his life forever when he meets Gale. Gale seems to be in charge of the band of street men. Gabe opens his eyes to a whole new way of thinking, but is he ready for it?

Willa Okati’s characters are always a thrill to get involved with, they are alive, wanting more and willing to take a chance on the unexpected. Matthew, a little naïve, takes the less travelled road for the first time in his life and meets Gale – a man who knows what he wants and is brave enough to go after it.

  • UNDER THE LAW by J.P. Bowie

Waiting for his big break into the industry Peter, a struggling singer/actor, waits tables to make ends meet. He becomes deeply attracted to John Reed, a newly promoted Londonpolice officer, whom he meets at one of his jobs. Both men know that they want to be together, but getting together proves harder that they imagined. With both men working opposite hours and trying to fit into their respective career – they find it hard to link up.

J.P. Bowie is one of those authors who bring so much to his characters that they literally jump off the pages. John and Peter are two sexy men, who unlike the stereotype use their brain to resolve most of their differences. The men are very much alike in what they want, their determination is admirable and the fact that they have made up their minds about each other from the moment they meet is an additional bonus.

  • BOUND TOGETHER by Jane Davitt

When handsome Chris Ross turns up at Simon Weatherly door with a valuable book that Simon knows belongs to his ex-lover Luke, he knows immediately that there is more to the story than meets the eyes. Chris is not pleased with how Simon’s ex-lover Luke has treated him and retaliates. He takes the book and is now looking for a buyer. Simon knows Luke and is aware of his faults, but he is more interested in the man at his door now than with an ex-lover’s stolen property.

A story filled with aged old hurt, thirst for revenge and the path to forgiveness and redemption. Luke has hurt both men, but he’s also the catalyst that brings the two together. There was a few stilled and potentially awkward moments which is dealt with in style by Ms. Davitt. All in all a good read.

  • BULL RIDER by Jade Buchanan

Isaac “Bull” Fintan a former rodeo rider turned rancher, eyes up the young man out for fun with his friends across the bar and knows immediately that he wants him. Wes Scott is out to have fun with his new mates and expects nothing more. Isaac and Wes linking up with each other has one man knowing he won’t stop with one taste, but is the other ready for him?

Jade Buchanan bring out the best of her imagination in BULL RIDER, filled with sexual tension and some hot love scenes, Wes and Isaac are polar opposite but similar in their lust for each other, these are two totally hot men that I would like to see more of.

  • All in all FABULOUS BRIT is a fun Anthology by six great authors. The stories are short enough to keep you on the go and contain enough depth for you to see the best of the respective authors. A read everyone will enjoy.

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