Sunday, 14 December 2008

Elected: Pepper Espinoza

Old on again/off again lovers, Owen Horn and Sam Delgado, meet again after a few months apart. Both men, on the opposite side of the political divide, start the night with business as usual. Sam is in full electorial mode and goes through the motions of promoting his political candidate, who isn’t doing as well as the spiel he presents to the viewers.

Owen, not a supporter of either Sam’s candidate or his political views, harbors a deep resentment for the man and just wants the results to be in on this - the most important night for the station.

Both men put up a front and with sarcastic humor and harsh words, end up at Owen's place. Sam is the confident one and makes the first move, leaving Owen wondering if the night is another hit and miss or will Sam stick around this time.

There is always a plus for me reading one of Pepper Espinoza’s books - they are character driven and you really are amazed at the dynamics of her protagonists.

With ELECTED, this is never truer – Owen and Sam are not only on the opposite sides of the electoral viewpoint, they have different life styles and the only things they have in common are that they don’t mince words and they are very much attracted to each other. Owen has missed Sam more than he admits, but goes on with his days as best as he can. Sam is in the same situation except he’s very concerned with how his party would react to Owen in his life, so he stayed away.

They eventually get together and with some fireworks that leave both men wanting more than they have now. Readers be prepared for a treat, you won’t want to put this book down.

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