Friday, 5 December 2008

Drace Brothers: Closer To You - Lee: Marie Rochelle

Still recovering from the loss of her antique business; Cherise Robert is trying to adjusting to her new job. However with personalities clashing at work and trying to make another go of a new business, she has little or no time for herself.

When an assignment at work puts her in close contact with the last person she has time to think about or even want to think about.

Lee Drace, oldest of the Drace brothers, is clear on what he wants – and what he wants from the first moment he saw her is Cherise Roberts. With Cherise dead set against having anything to do with him, and more or less goes out of her way to avoid him, he has to be careful how he approaches her.

When Cherise ends up with house problems Lee see this as the perfect opportunity to have his cake and eat it too. However when all is said and done can he hold true to his conviction that he ‘only wants Cherise’ - but for how long.

CLOSER TO YOU: LEE, book three in Ms. Rochelle’s DRACE BROTHERS series, deals with Lee and Cherise’s story. Having been teased with their almost tangible attraction through two other books, its scary how perfect Cherise and Lee are for each other.

Lee wants Cherise and although not looking at the deeper aspect of his feeling for her until it’s constantly being pointed out to him, Lee goes with his initial feelings and makes it clear he only wants Cherise and no one else will suffice.

Cherise has come a long way, both in her career and in her personal life. Her whole outlook has changed, largely due to her sister and her nephew. While she is aware of the attraction between Lee and herself – she is still unable to get over past hurt in order to accept the attention that Lee wants to bestow on her.

A well paced book by Ms. Rochelle. She has stayed true to the initial element of the series, about a band of brothers – closer than you would image – not afraid to speak their mind, but are the first to welcome the women that make their brothers happy within their own family unit.

A truly enjoyable read.

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