Friday, 5 December 2008

Drace Brother: My Deepest Love - Zack: Marie Rochelle

Member of local gym, Make You Sweat, Traci Wells, goes for her own well being as well as to try and get her sister out of her funk at home. When she finds herself starting to make eyes at one of the members, she surprises even herself - as he is definitely not her type and secondly she has too much on her plate to start thinking of any sort of involvement.

From the moment Zack Drace sees Traci he is fascinated by her, however used to women approaching him, he sits back and almost misses his chance. With business not going as expected, he quickly passes on the responsibility of sorting it out to his older brother, to not only give him the freedom to do other things, but also give Traci the attention and care she deserves.

However when the old adage never mix business and pleasure, becomes true in his case – he has to decide who or what is more important to him.

First in the DRACE BROTHERS series, Ms. Rochelle introduces us to the Drace family with its four boys, all going through various stages of life. A closely knitted family, they confide in each other about almost everything and takes onboard each others pain and celebrate each others victory.

This first outing is dedicated to Zack the businessman and Traci the nurse who wants and is capable of so much more. Both protagonists are quickly attracted to each other but are caught up in the middle of family prejudices and their own personal demons.

Traci is a likeable character, feisty with a take no prisoner sort of attitude, but also scared and reluctant to do anything to undermine the relationship she has with her sister.

Zack is smart, funny and a take charge sort of guy; he however knows when to ask for help and to respect the boundaries of a situation –even when he can’t really understand it. Zack’s strength lies in the support he gives to his family and the unending encouragement that is always there for those he loves.

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