Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Cowboy’s Dreams: Anna Kathryn Lanier

Living in the same building for more than a year, they both have a secret ambition to meet the other and see if they are as passionate as they have built up the fantasy of them to be.

Leah Smith, romance author and neighbor to Marcus, is a down to earth girl who has the unlikely habit of running into Marcus when she is at her worst. When she is coerced into accepting help from Marcus – she thinks 'not now!'


Marcus, professional ball player and general hunk, is used to a parade of svelte young ladies on his arm and he’s looking for a woman with more than just her bra size as an asset. He knows the person he has his eyes on has no idea he exists – when the opportunity for a little personal help puts him in the perfect position to get to meet the woman of his dreams – he grabs the ball and runs with it; but has he eyed up the situation correctly?




Anna Kathryn Lanier has given a perfect Christmas treat of a story, Leah and Marcus have so much insecurity and other issues that it’s not a surprise it takes them so long to get together. However once they make the initial contact – things could only get better – or worst?




This story has two protagonists that anyone can relate to, wanting to make that perfect impression, yet always being caught at the wrong time, and what seems so perfect could be just a façade.


A COWBOY’S DREAM is a lovely lovely read.

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