Friday, 19 December 2008

Review - A Cinderella Christmas - Stacy Dawn

Angie wants to be left alone to enjoy the holiday season.  She’s looking forward to the part of the day she enjoys the most – the moment she hears the bell over the door of the bakery, bringing in new and old faces to make her day all that much better.

Wes - a home grown boy, made good on his father's dairy farm business, is caught in the middle of wanting the girl and having to live past a teenage incident, that he has never been forgiven for.

Vita, a mother hell bent – literally, on finding the right man and a man she approves of for her daughter.

When these three meet there are explosive consequences, but they all keep a secret and when it’s revealed will they be able to live with what they have set in motion?

A hilariously funny read, I absolutely adore Stacy Dawn’s A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS. Meet Angie and Wes who have to resort to extreme measures to get one up on Angie’s mother – Vita.

Things go from make-believe to the real thing, but no one admits to this until hearts are broken and halos are tarnished. A CINDERELLA CHRISTMAS is a really sweet read that will have you hunting down the other books about the love life of people in this small town who believe it or not have a real life Santa Claus, who loves his sweets.

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