Thursday, 25 December 2008

Chasing Winter Author: Rowan McBride


After moving into a new neighbourhood, and while enjoying the success of his business, Jesse finds life is only made better by is friendship with his next door neighbor’s teenage son. He keeps his personal life discreet and enjoys his time with Keith practicing basketball. When he is advised by his marketing department to expand into Europe, he jumps at the chance; however a trip which should have taken only a year turns into three, with Jesse returning a changed man - both emotionally and physically.

Fifteen year old Keith strikes up a friendship with his next door neighbour. He shares all his dreams and hopes with him and soon begins to idolize him. By the time he realizes that what he feels is more than a mere crush, he finds himself saying goodbye to him without getting the chance to tell the guy of his dreams that he loves him.


In the three years that Jesse has been away, Keith has had to deal with growing up and finding his place within his family. While Jesse is no longer the funny, carefree man that Keith knew, he is still the man he loves. But is Keith grown up enough to deal with Jesse’s issues, and is Jesse prepared to accept the fact Keith is no longer a kid, but a grown man?

CHASING WINTER is a tale of unrequited love realized. The things you least expect are the things you appreciate more just for having them, and with Jesse and Keith this could not be clearer.

Jesse is a warm, passionate personality with enough common sense to accept Keith as he grows and literally changes before his eyes.  Although he is older, he is not necessarily wiser, and he shows this and becomes stronger for it.

While Keith has some strong aggression issues, he quickly realizes the important things in life and what is truly at stake if he continues down that path. Keith’s character takes on a lot of challenges for such a young man. After hearing about his life and attitude during the three years without Jesse, it is hard pressed to like him, however you fall right back in love when he finds the strength to forgive and takes an injured man by the hand and make him his own.

Rowan Mcbride has created a special love story that has evolved from hero worship to love. Jesse and Keith are each other’s dream fantasies come through. 

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