Friday, 19 December 2008

Review - Bound by Love - T.A. Chase

Tired and frustrated tagging along after his twin on the rodeo circuit, Tyler packs up kit and caboodle and returns home to not only his aging father and the ranch he loves – but also to see how much of a chance he has with the man he’s always love – Ren. While he always loved Ren he’s also been too shy to approach him, now he’s returning unsure of the welcome he’ll get from Ren, but also with the knowledge that Ren has slept with JT –his brother.

Ren the eldest of three brothers has always loved Tyler. Wanting to give Tyler time to see and experience the world, he waits patiently for him to return to his father’s ranch. With his own emotional issues and two brothers who are in the same situation as himself– waiting on Tyler has never been a problem, as he wants Tyler to have his feel of the outside world. Now than he was back he wonders if Tyler is prepared to accept him, faults and all.

T.A. Chase has always been a favourite of mine and Bound By Blood is another great outing by this author. JT and Tyler are twins, where JT is the take change, adventurous and also reckless brother. Tyler is the shy, humble one and also the one with duty of care for his brother. Fulfilling his dying mother’s wish to take care of JT, he’s dutifully followed along on the Rodeo circuit for eight years. Now he’s tired of it all and just wants to go home and try and win the man he’s always loved.

Ren on the other hand is a man of the land, he love his ranch and sees himself making a life there. The only thing he needs to complete the scenario is a partner, and although he has made some bad choices in the past, he has always known that Tyler is one man that completes him.

Together these two are perfect for each other, Tyler with is shy unassuming ways is more than enough for Ren’s jittery nerves. Bound By Blood is a book full of regrets, harsh lessons and forgiveness and acceptance. There is also enough little snippets of thing to come to keep the readers anticipating future books to complement Bound By Blood.

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