Thursday, 11 December 2008

After the Storm : Jaxx Steele


In exile at one of his father’s hotel, Ethan Conrad spends his days in meetings and brooding over the scandal that caused him to be in the situation that he’s in.

Marcus Devereaux, a survivor of Hurricane Katrina, keeps to himself and spends his days working on the extension to Ethan's house.

When Ethan sees the man who has been working for him in a new light, he feels an immediate pull towards Marcus. Ever the optimist he goes after Marcus single-mindedly and will accept nothing less than what he wants from the man. Marcus, heartbroken and not willing to take another chance at love or any form of relationship, closes himself off from any attempt at friendship.

Ethan takes matters into his own hands - quite literally, in order to shake Marcus out of his shell. Will Marcus realize that Ethan is all that he needs?

AFTER THE STORM is a beautiful story penned by a ‘new to me’ author, Jaxx Steele. This is a warm-hearted story filled with sadness, as well as great determination and the will to have it all.

Ethan’s no wilting wallflower. He sees Marcus and knows immediately that he wants him. He’s not prepared to accept 'no' or any other excuses. Ethan takes Marcus in hand and decides to show him that he will be there for him. Marcus who's hurt, bruised and unwilling to try at life and love again skirts around his attraction to Ethan, but when he is backed into a corner he has no choice but to accept love again.

I love this book.  It’s filled with lots of emotionally charged scenes and at a pace that keeps the reader wanting to know more and praying for the end never to come. Jaxx Steele is definitely one to watch.

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