Sunday, 30 November 2008

Tangled Web - Terry O’Reilly


Kevin Baker, banker, husband and father, is not happy with his job, his marriage or his life at the moment, and wants more than he has - preferably with someone else. He goes to his local gym to burn off some of his frustration and to ogle the eye candy that strut their stuff at the machines.

He quickly set is eyes on one member in particular but has trouble connecting at the gym. He makes every effort to finds out this dream man’s name – Jake Whittaker. After missing him for days on end his luck finally turns. Only his eye candy is also hunting – and he’s the prey.

When the night goes as expected and passion burns brighter than anything either of them have ever experienced, they are over the moon. They quickly fall to earth when both realize the risk they took was and is greater than they imagined when they started the night.

Terry O’Reilly’s Tangled, is not for the faint of heart. Tangled deals with all the issues head on that are normally skirted over in romance novels.

It’s a refreshing change to read a story where the protagonists are in for a penny and in for a pound situation. Married and not happy in his home life Kevin, albeit secretly, goes through all the obvious avenues to hook up with people of a like mind. He quickly sets his eyes on and makes every effort to catch the eye of one of the most attractive men he’s seen in a long time at the gym.

Jake knows a good thing when he sees him, and makes no bones about going after Kevin, but the one thing he needs to make clear to him is also the one thing that neither of them may be able to live with.

While the book would be considered a novella, it does pack a mighty punch – morality is tested, emotional upheavals are rampant through the pages, tears are shed. But hope and the fact that with patience, perseverance and a whole lot of compromising, even the tangled web we weave can become untangled to give us ultimate pleasure.

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