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Taken By Storm - Marie Rochelle

When Syleena Webster’s best friend invited her home for the school break all that was on their mind was having a whole lot of fun. This was bound not to happen, as meeting her friend brother Storm at the airport put all those plans up in the air, and it only got worse as the day progressed. Before nightfall Syleena would be walking out on her best friend and her brother.

Five Years Later

Syleena has been running for years, trying to hide a secret so shameful she has never told anyone other than her best friend. The last time she ran – a fast walk so to speak, was when she left Storm Hyde’s house, exactly where she now find herself years later trapped into staying on his ranch. Syleena has always known that she compared every man to Storm, her attraction to him has not lessened and with them in close proximity – what will become of her willpower to avoid the storm that is Storm?

Storm Hyde, wealthy local banker is also a local man with a huge chip on his shoulders when it comes to women. Storm has more or less given up on the happily ever after dream. He lives life one day at a time and has no plan to commit to any one woman. Five years earlier he inadvertently caused Syleena to walk out of his door, the opportunity has presented itself for him to have another change with the dark skinned beauty with the soulful brown eyes. Can he however change his attitude towards women before more harm is done – this time?

Marie Rochelle’s TAKEN By STORM is a full length read with a plot that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to get to the end of this fantastic novel.

Storm Hyde is very much the alpha male, dominantly knowing it all and wants it when he wants it now. After years of isolating himself from the basic emotion of loving someone just for the sake of it, he is not prepared for the knee jerk reaction his heart takes in regards to Syleena. He does everything to make Syleena his but still holds her at arms length from the real him.

Syleena has gone so long trying to outlive her parentage; she is now unwilling to mar any prospect of happiness for herself by even mentioning the facts surrounding her upbringing. When she is hurt beyond anything she has ever imagined, she is very much unwilling to give her heart away for a second time.

If you have not read Ms. Rochelle works before this is a great beginning. For old fans, be prepared for a fantastic journey into Ms. Rochelle’s world, Storm and Syleena are a force to be reckoned with, together and apart.

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Romance Junkies Review - Taken By Storm - Marie Rochelle

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