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Soul Mate: Secrets - Jourdan Lane


Peter is back and this time he is caught up in the middle of events related to the entire coven and wolf pack. Lucien, his lover and the man of his choice, is not only keeping secrets from him; they also seem to be at cross purposes with each other.

Everyone seems to want a piece of him. Nicholas is determined to find a place in his life even at the risk of a head-on collision with the master vampire. The council’s determined to have their pound of flesh. Concern for their fallen angel Simon is always at the back of his mind, and to top it off, disrespect from the one person he went all out to help.

With jealousy, intrigue and deception abound the final nail in the coffin for Peter is to find out that recent murders are being committed by a look alike and it’s getting closer to home.

I have been eagerly counting down the days on my calendar for this book, and I was not disappointed. For fan of the SOUL MATES series expect the same old players, with a whole new set of issue.

Ms. Lane’s SECRETS, is written as a direct follow up to SACRIFICE, there are moments when it feels as if we had never left the coven for a few month. Peter is caught in the middle of love, want and need. He loves Lucien and feels as if everything they have is slipping away from them. He wants to help all the people who make is life better in the coven, he also wants to recapture the smile and joy that has been missing from the halls for awhile now. He needs to find a way to bring it all together, to make the people around him realize that he is a person and not an extension of Lucien.

The usual suspects make an appearance in this outing of SOUL MATES, with new roles and responsibility given to the core team of the coven. With the introduction of new partnerships and new tensions surrounding the coven and the pack, I am so looking forward to the next instalment in this brilliant series.

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Romance Junkies Review: Soul Mate - Secrets - Jourdan Lane

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