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Reckless Seduction - Amanda Young

When nineteen year old Cody walked into his uncle’s gay club – The Casbah, during its annual Halloween party, he wanted only to have fun, see some hot sexy bodies on display and if he was lucky find a boyfriend or two.

The night only gets better for him when he finds himself being rescued by his uncle’s best friend – the man he’s had the hots for, for as long as he could remember.

Dante Santiago, manager of the Casbah, has planned to make this Halloween party a work free party and sets everything in motion to make sure he got his. He had a plan – find someone who catches his eye and take it from there. The plan goes as planned with only a little glitch – but also a glitch that might cost him more than he has to give.

Neither Cody nor Dante is prepared for each others reaction when the masks are off, but will they realize that they have more to gain than lose or will allegiance and obligation cloud the issue at hand?

I have said it before and will say it again – Ms. Young is brilliant. She has managed to condense a wealth of emotion and tension filled turmoil within the short pages that is RECKLESS SEDUCTION.

Cody is like every teenager, at an age where risk is the order of the day and ‘no’ is just a word that’s found in the dictionary – he wants what he wants and at the first opportunity he gets to make Dante sit up and notice him, he jumps at the chance.

Dante has no plan to settle or commit, he likes the carefree lifestyle of not being attached and takes pleasure as and when he makes the time for it. When a scantily dressed young man catches his eyes in the club on Halloween night – he searches high and low until he has the young man in his arms. However all is not smooth sailing as he gets a lot more than he’s bargained for before the night is finished.

This is a fun read, leaving you wishing the best for Cody and his determination to have his man, and praise for Dante who not only realizes a need in himself that only Cody can fill, but also for taking charge of the relationship and showing Cody the strength of the man he has chosen.

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Romance Junkies Review: Reckless Seduction - Amanda Young

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