Monday, 24 November 2008

A Question Of Trust - Jess Dee


Madeline Jones is at a good place in her life and enjoying every minute of it, with her current partner Gabe. She is on a natural high and thinks thing cannot get any better - that is until Gabe introduces her to his best friend Connor.

Madeline is having the best sex of her life and does not want to rock the boat, but once she meets Connor and realizes that both Gabe and Connor are open to the possibility of a threesome she makes no bones about wanting to indulge in a life long fantasy.

Connor and Gabe has been friend a long time and have always played by a strict set of rules to not only protect their hearts but also to maintain the boundaries of friendship between them. When they both seduce Madeline into a three way night of passionate, it is the best and most passionate night for two of three, the third has no idea that the terms of a long agreement has just been broken.

Jess Dee has taken every woman’s fantasy and put it into words. A Question of Trust is a very emotional read, fraught with highs and lows of hope and regret.

Connor and Gabe have been friends for years and they have enough faith and trust in each other to share their ultimate possession – the women they adore. They have always worked by a strict code, however at no point has this agreement ever takes into account what will and has happen if one of the two falls for the lady in question.

Madeline is smart, funny, determined and strong willed enough to know exactly what she wants. While she is very much attracted to Connor for the moment she meets him, she values and respects what she has with Gabe enough to say no to him when he propositions her. Once Gabe gives the ok for things to move forward, she wastes no time in making her fantasy a reality.

A Question of Trust is a brilliant story that takes in the whole dynamics of a relationship, friendship, trust and most importantly that element of selflessness that only exists between the rarest of people. The ones who only wants the best for the most important people in their life even if it means having to give up the one you love. Ms. Dee is to be praised for her skill with the pen – a truly brilliant read.

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