Friday, 28 November 2008

Playing The Market - Drew Zachary


Workaholic Lyle finds the ultimate joy in the job that he does for twelve hours a day and his exercise program. At no point in his day, has he accounted for a gorgeous, well muscled man stopping him on his daily run.

Rupe, carefree and full of life, meets up with Lyle on a hot summer’s day. He casually tosses out an invite for breakfast – and ends up spending the entire summer with Lyle.

Rupe however has itchy feet and will move on at the end of the summer. Can Lyle be enough to ground him from his wandering ways or can they build an odd sort of relationship between them?

Drew Zachary is one of my auto buy authors and I was most pleased with PLAYING THE MARKET. Rupe and Lyle are your average men, hard working, intense and probably take things a little too extreme – especially in Lyle’s case with his workaholic manner.

They are not only fun together, they fit together and they have no general angst’s that aren’t easily solved or a compromise reached before it become a problem.

Not the usual Zachary style, but a welcome change that is no less enjoyable. Lyle and Rupe are two people that I would love for Drew Zachary to revisit in the future.

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