Saturday, 15 November 2008

My Heart Cried - Ride em Cowboy - J.P. Bowie

ride em cowboy Earlier this week I had the opportunity to read Ride em Cowboy and it was one of those book you wish wouldn't end.

This week scene that made my heart cried comes from a portion of JP Bowie's - Ride Em Cowboy.

"The next moment he felt Royce’s body slam into him, knocking him flat on his back. Royce sat astride him, his tear filled eyes blazing with anger and hurt.
“That’s right, Royce, hit me if it’ll make you feel better.”
“Parker!” Royce brought his clenched fists down hard on Parker’s chest. “Parker…You said you loved me. Just last night you said that I was yours…no one else’s…yours—and I believed you, Parker. I believed you!” A great wrenching cry was torn from him as he fell over onto his side and lay, crumpled up into a tight ball, his hands over his face while he sobbed his heart out.
Jesus Christ. Parker watched with a sense of horror as the man he loved fell apart in front of his eyes. He’d known this was going to be rough. He’d thought Royce would get mad and call him names, but he hadn’t expected this. Tentatively, he touched Royce’s shoulder.
“Go away, Parker.” Royce’s voice was flat and hollow."

Taken from Ride Em Cowboy - JP Bowie.

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Carol Lynne on 17 November 2008 at 16:15 said...

I'm glad you reviewed this book. J.P. is not only one of my favorite authors, but a dear friend as well. Have you read his vampire series? Yummy. Duet in Blood is the best vamp book I've ever had the absolute pleasure of reading.

Erotic Horizon on 17 November 2008 at 22:45 said...

Not yet, but thanks for the push to get the book out - so many books ----so little time...LOL!!!